Squam: day two

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  1. megg



  2. DawnS


  3. bill

    this is so peaceful and the blues are so alive. The lower right corner says ‘intriguing’.

  4. vivienne

    oh the food, the lake, the need for warm sweaters!
    thanks for this glimpse! its bringing back very good memories!

  5. Ania

    Beautiful! Now I wish I was there. Reminds me a little of a recent visit north to Canada.

  6. Nicole | Blue Bicicletta

    that looks lovely! I’m especially envious of the cool-looking weather! We’re still in the 80s over here in California, and I’m very ready for a fall feeling!

  7. Nicola

    Yay! the purple shoes and the apron made it onto the blog. Don’t think I can pull off the apron in the real world so I’m glad it is preserved here : )

  8. susannah

    you so could!!

  9. hillary Sloss

    susannah! i can’t believe i didn’t meet you at squam :-(
    will be taking your unravelling class this fall, can’t wait. will look forward to “meeting” you then. h

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