The Girl with the Wobble Tattoo

I had an unexpected milk date with Wobble today when he and his mum turned up at my door – i was deep in panic-too-much-to-do-i’m-screwed mode, so being able to smooch his entire head and nibble his little cheekies really helped bring me back down to earth.

I have a new stash of cute Wobble shots – would you like to see them? ;)

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  1. kathleen

    of course!
    those eyes…!!

  2. charlane

    those eyes so need to be a banner….

    of course we want to see them auntie silly

  3. Susan Mulder

    Yes! Please! I love when you post Wobble pics-never fails to add a lift to the day :)

  4. Hanne Rysgaard

    we want Wobble
    we want Wobble
    we want Wobble

  5. Jude

    Wobble uplifts my day too! (I feel weird saying that since I don’t know him or you in-person, but it’s true! :))

  6. the seaman

    bring on more wobble!!!

  7. Marji

    Look at that blondie blonde hair above those beautiful eyes… Yes, yes please… more Wobble!

  8. luzmaqc

    síííííííííííííííííííííííííííííí por favor, yes yes yes!

  9. Lili

    I for one always love to see Mr. Wobble photos. I am lacking presence of babies in my life (being away at school instead of around the kids and infants I usually see weekly) so seeing the photos definitely brighten my day.

    One day, Mr. Wobble will know how much joy he brings to his family as well as friends of his auntie’s blog ;)

  10. Andrea

    Love the Wobble-Man!! Please post those pics :)

  11. Lisa

    I’m seeing some hair!!
    What a wonderful surprise for you.

  12. Lynne Mixson

    Oh, yes please! The world cries out for the Wobble man!

  13. Brooke

    but, of course!

  14. Jennifer in SF

    Do you really need to ask? Of course we want more Wobble!

  15. Chantelle {fat mum slim}

    Don’t make us beg. Please!

    Give us the Wobble-meister. :P

    Or… I’d quite love to see your beautiful photos of your nephew. x

  16. Kathryn

    yay, for wobble cuteness!
    And you know you’d post more even if we didn’t encourage you ;)

  17. susannah

    ha! so true :)

    you guys are the best! more Wobble magic comin’ up xxxx

  18. Beth


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