The love affair begins

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  1. Samosas For One

    New York City! Where all have you been so far?

  2. Cheri A.

    the photo of the notes tied to the fence gave me goosebumps!

  3. susannah

    i know – i had tears while i was reading the notes…. x

  4. susannah

    Greenwich Village and West Village :)

  5. Jude

    I left my heart in NYC! Lovely, evocative photos. (My brother was in those towers 9/11 and luckily survived, but that last photo made me rather emotional).

  6. Anonymous

    How have you been able to scan your photos on the go?? It’s been such a lovely treat!!

  7. Lis

    NYC is such a feast for the senses! I love experiencing it through your lens.

    Enjoy Enjoy! I hope you are feeling better!

  8. Kimberly

    The parked car and the disco balls… I would frame these and hang them in my house!

  9. jess

    NYC just draws you in, doesn’t it? So glad you’re having fun! xoxo

  10. michelle vitiello

    i just keep coming back the the cadillac shot…so reminds me of my father’s ride back in the day. a ny-er, i will say you certainly captures it’s essence. do return (i say work on a photo symposium.)

  11. michelle vitiello

    i should not write when jet lagged… :)

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