The story so far…

I see why they call it New England.
Feels rather familiar here, but then I turn a corner and oh, look, it’s America. I love being on this planet.
Yesterday was lovely – sunshine, first pumpkin spiced latte of the year, lunch with a charming world-dominating superstar and new friends made.
Today is less lovely as i am in bed with the cold that has been threatening to hit me for last few weeks.
Conserving all my energy for the workshops. Want to avoid having to teach lying down ;)
Tomorrow we drive to Squam Lake.
… to be continued.

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  1. Rosie Grey

    Get well soon!

  2. The Other Laura

    Feel better!

  3. steph

    I hope your day of rest pays off and that you feel like a new woman when you wake up tomorrow. (If not,try dayquil…it always works for me) It looks like Wednesday’s going to be a gorgeous day for your drive up to the lake. Welcome to NH!

  4. Jude

    Oh, I could just feel Boston in some of these pix! :) Rest well & feel better!

  5. Lisa

    I sure hope you feel better soon.
    Enjoy new England. It is a gorgeous place at this time of year!

  6. Amiana Li

    Great idea for the photo with the guy holding is own polaroid!
    Enjoy your trip a lot, with or without a cold.

  7. Kathryn

    Continue to take it easy, as I’m sure you are.
    The photos are lovely.

  8. jess

    You are so freaking cute. Hope you kick that cold ASAP. Tell your new pal I just added his book to my Amazon shopping cart … I’m a sucker for non-conformity and world domination. :-)

  9. Michelle

    Wow you were mere steps away from my office. I work for the University. Happy teaching at Squam Lake – taking a class there is on my life list – I couldn’t do it this year with another workshop already planned but perhaps we will meet next year!

  10. barbraziemer

    dress warm tomorrow!

  11. Brooke

    Cambridge is jeans and soft boots, scarves, yellow leaves falling and a hot tea by the river with a friend.

    I hope you feel better very soon. :)

  12. gail louise

    Hope you feel better very soon so you can enjoy your stay. BTW – love the little Wobble.xoxo

  13. sirja

    Firstly, get well soon!!!
    Secondly, as soon as you do, enjoy yourself to bits!
    Thirdly, thanks for sharing! I’ll be following the posts and pretending it’s me who’s the lucky one wandering the streets of NY.

  14. brenda mangalore

    I love Chris’s story & yours as well, seeing his photo on your blog was a surprise of worlds.
    I hope you get the period of rest and rejuvenation you need as you share your experience & talents at the workshop.
    Safe drive!

  15. Clare

    I love Boston so much. so many special memories from my year spent there. Hope you enjoy!

  16. Tor

    You can’t possibly blame me for this cold ;)

  17. Annie

    watch nyc here they come! so thrilled for you. cant wait for pictures and tales.

  18. Jan's camera

    I recognize Harvard Square. Am I right? I used to work there about a million years ago. Now I work in Boston. I so wanted to meet you in Squam Lake. Maybe next year.

  19. Marybeth Farrell

    Healing cold fairies dispatched to Squam to renew your strength .

  20. Hannah

    I hope you feel better soon, and have a wonderful experience.

  21. Charlane Killough Griffith

    poor dear – it seems we always give you a cold. hope you’re better soon.

  22. Gwyn

    Willing the sickies away! :-)

  23. vivienne

    exciting adventures!
    hope you’re feeling better.

  24. susannah

    yes, Harvard Square!

  25. Samosas For One

    I just saw Chris speak a few weeks ago in NYC so it was a fun surprise to see his face here.

    I hope your sickness is going away. Sending you good juju.

  26. Laurie Matthews

    There’s no better time to be in New England! Enjoy! And thanks for sharing photos of my old stomping grounds in Cambridge. Get well very soon. My cure – miso soup.

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