The Unbearable Lightness of Wobble

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  1. charlane

    ahhh, yes…the wobble files. tres adoreable. and i want a green thought too.

  2. Van Kapeghian

    very sweet :)

  3. Francesca

    omg i can’t believe how big he is already, it just seems yesterday when you were adorably rambling about the due date on the videos…
    anyway i became an auntie myself last tuesday and i am so in love with the little dute i didn’t even think it was possible
    so have fun fun fun with the little man

  4. Jess

    Those crocs again! You always make them look sassy. I don’t look quite as stellar in mine, but I’m just grateful to be walking around. :-)

  5. susannah

    yay! you caved and bought some ;) x

  6. susannah

    it’s amazing, isn’t it – auntie love :) congratulations, hon! x

  7. Angela Vular

    Wow…wobble and Jamie Oliver….you made my day! I am a huge Jamie fan and well the Wobble who can resist…he is precious.

  8. Eadaoin

    What a cutie! He really is so sweet :) I met an old work colleague yesterday who had just met her first nephew, her brother was the first one of her siblings to have a baby. And she was totally smitten, just like you are with Wobble! She said she fell in love with him instantly, that it was like having a little angel in the room and every single thing he did delighted all of her family. I think I’ll be waiting a while for someone in our family to have a kid, but I look forward to having a little niece or nephew someday :)

    Also, at the risk of this comment turning into an essay, I have to say how much I like certain Jamie Oliver TV shows!! I love the one where he cooks from his own garden in his kitchen, so much fun, and that one where he teaches people how to make basic foods, he makes it all look so effortless! I bought one of his books but have yet to make anything from it though, I just like to drool over the gorgeous photos hehe!

  9. susannah

    do try some of the recipes- i have a few of his books and everything i’ve cooked from them has been fab (and easy!) xo

  10. Barbara

    lovely as usual :)

  11. Christina

    Gonna eat him whole. NOM NOM NOM.

  12. Catalina

    oooooohhhhhhhhhh! SO eadable! :) My first “wobble” is 22 now, and the love is still growing! :) ( so wonderful to be an Auntie)


  13. Catalina

    edible I meant :)

  14. Catalina

    same for me, the recipes I tried where all easy to make and delicious!

  15. grace

    adorable! and I’m not just talking about that cute kid – the photos are great – food, recipes and crocs, very nice.

  16. Thea Coughlin

    oh I just love the wobble! And the men and boys, is just perfect. I was just talking with Terry on the way home that I promise to try better recipes if he would just tell me what he would actually eat! Can’t believe I will see you soon.

  17. margie

    so cute. i need a new recipe source.

  18. Jude

    I can’t believe how much he’s changed in such a short time – so amazing. I’ve been experiencing some August Break withdrawal (I go by an academic calendar with my work, so it’s back-to-school & harder to keep up with photo posts), but it’s so lovely to see ABC and the continued Wobble posts :)

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    wow he is a star really really cute

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