24 hours in London with an iPhone

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  1. Jayne Bramley

    The US Embassy? Visa?? Is that what you have up your sleeve? :)

  2. Louise Naomi Best

    That sky looks blue but it is freeeeeezingly fresh right now.

  3. barbara

    is the last photo paddington station?
    i do miss london!
    i´m sure you had fun!

  4. susannah

    yes it is! well spotted xo

  5. susannah

    yes it’s the embassy, but no, i’m not getting a visa, alas – maybe one day :)

  6. Joanna

    What app do you use? The bedroom photo is awesome!

  7. Charlane Killough Griffith

    oh those tiles.

  8. Catalina

    Oh!!! this is a great adventure!

    Documenting my day stars as yours: computer in the bed ;)

    (I will call this: A day in my life or how many pictures to take of my cup of coffee…? ) :)

    enjoy your day!

  9. susannah

    I used the Hipstamatic app for that photo (and the other squared images) xx

  10. Lis

    Pure gorgeousness!

    I am really enjoying this practice and am thinking i want to do a regular Mid-Month Mindfulness practice every month. Funny, my topic for Sketch Book project is “A Day in the Life” … maybe I can fill the rest of it with photos!

    Were your ears buzzing? Meghan came over for a little Post-Squam art play … lots of cameras lying around my house but we seemed to distract ourselves with some yummy cookies she brought with her …

    xo Lis

  11. Jude

    I just love the look of these, amazing it’s an iPhone! (What will they think of next :))

  12. Miss Giny / Au Pays des Merveilles

    Oh ! what a beautiful idea ! :) Can I copy you ?! :D

    I come to London with my family in late December, I can’t wait! If you have good addresses, I take !

    And a quick note to tell you that I love Unravelling … I love discovering new posts and videos … we discover, we learn things, … in one word : THANKS ! Sure, I sign up next !

    See u ! ^^

  13. susannah

    you are such a sweetheart, Giny :) enjoy London!! x

  14. grace

    Always a treasure to find your photographs – can’t believe these are from an iphone! lovely.

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