BBC Wobble

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  1. Genna McWhinnie

    That kid is a shoe in for the 6 o’clock news. You may need to teach him how to read a teleprompter and/or how to read first.

    It will be the ‘Daily Wobble News’! Adorable as always.

  2. susannah

    hee! he could have a special slot at the end of the show :)

  3. Cheri A.

    He is just too dang wobbly cute!

  4. Catalina

    yes! we love you Wobble! and DOES HE ZqveM
    this is the most beautiful happy baby for sure

    thanks for sharing/ this is so refreshing and lovely

  5. Aggie

    LOVE that Wobble! More, more, more Wobble!

  6. Mel

    what a lovely baby, he surely is a scrumptious boy.

  7. karen d

    So much fun watching you with wobble.. your love for him is so clear and joyful

  8. jan

    Such a cutie-pie! Seirously!

  9. Lucinda

    wooble webinar: how to chew a hard plastic toy.

    he’s adorable. you’re adorable with him.

  10. Melissa Buchanan

    haha! You just made me laugh over my morning coffee. I saw this video last night, and then just now (some 9 hours later) I read your tweet, about a new Unravelling co-presenter. So I clicked on the link, and was confused – just for a moment – about why I was on the page I saw last night. :D
    Well, that little man unravels my heart, so it’s working.

  11. melissa Piccola

    he just keeps getting cuter…and I want to eat those cheeks!

  12. Jen

    Now I would like to have another child.

  13. vera b

    oh be still my heart.

    wobble is so.dang.cute.

    and you are just

  14. Selma

    The BBC needs to be alerted straight away. That boy needs his own show. It also needs to be announced that he is baby of the year. Cuteness to the max. You rule, Wobble!

  15. Catalina

    I wanted to say: DOES HE KNOWS HOW TO CLAP already!? :)


  16. susannah

    a note from Wobble: ‘thank you auntie selma’ xo


  17. susannah

    dude is a tiny genius, i swear he is :)

  18. Holly Truchan

    Wobble’s joyful giggles are infectious! So nice to see the two of you together.

  19. victoria

    Beatrix, age 3, who is quite taken with Wobble, would like to know if he can crawl?

    I love how both of your faces are wide open with joy.

  20. susannah

    Nearly!!!! his mummy & daddy are baby-proofing their living room as i type this! it is *literally* gonna be any day…

  21. boho girl

    omg. hearing you say “there’s a slight aroma”…made me laugh out loud. i must use that now for cedar. it sounds so much more clever.

    i love you, dude…and i love him…and i cherish you together. you are the best auntie ever.

    he is PRECIOUS and a rad clapper. ; )

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