Wobble’s Nana knitted him a pumpkin hat for Hallowe’en!

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  1. Karen D

    so cute!!!

  2. Jude

    Oh my gosh, that pumpkin hat!

  3. Monica

    Ahhhh!! Why are babies as/in pumpkins the cutest things ever?! Check out day 74 for another one:)

  4. luzmaqc

    Bello!!! Dan ganas de comérselo!!!

  5. Desiree Cherisse


  6. Marnie

    good God that kid loves you!

  7. Mariella

    oh that’s so sweet!!! that’s the beauty of grandmothers isn’t it?Now I want one too! he looks adorable

  8. Charlane Killough Griffith

    completely adorable

  9. bella

    :) seriously? how precious is he – and how big he’s getting? i love his little hat. and that smile… so cute. xo

  10. laurie b

    what an adorable little pumpkin head! that hat is cute plus it looks warm and cozy.

  11. beth

    Oh my he gets cuter with every photo

  12. Jan's camera

    That hat and that baby are so darn cute. Do you and your sister live far away from each other? I noticed that you skype.

  13. susannah

    we live about an hour apart, and skype most days :)

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