My favourite boy

Inspired by Wobble’s internet girlfriend, sweet Mia.

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  1. Bria

    Adorable! I got the same app last night and am soooo addicted. I blame you. ;-)

  2. Angie

    I need to a) get an iPhone and b) encourage siblings to have babies!

  3. susannah


  4. luzmaqc

    Sweet, sweet, sweet little boy. Susannah this picture has so much tenderness, the colors are beautiful, and he is soooo cute! Enjoy him all you can :-)

  5. Ashley Sisk

    I love this way this is processed. Such a sweet shot.

  6. victoria

    Oh, Noah! He is just wonderful and I love how Abby dresses him.

  7. Karen D

    so sweet

  8. Desiree Cherisse

    Adorable! I got the app yesterday after reading your other post.

  9. stacy

    When they get married we will have to put these photos side by side on their wedding invitations. hee hee. ; )

  10. susannah


  11. Jude

    Aww, what a sweet look for 2 sweeties.

  12. catie

    i am in love with these pictures!
    and that sweet baby!

  13. melissa Piccola

    way too cute!

  14. Lacey

    so precious! I just had to buy the new pack after seeing this, and then, of course, head to the back yard and try it out! <3

  15. jane

    Oh Wobble, you are just so lovely.

  16. Jan's camera

    These are beautiful photos. I want to get an iPhone just so I can use these great apps.

  17. mindy

    oh. my. gosh. i love love love these pictures. they are adorable! mr. wobble is so handsome :)

  18. Estate Lawyers

    he is so handsome geez love those photos

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