My Wobble-O-Gram

I was supposed to go to the cinema yesterday afternoon; I’d even written the times in my diary, I was so determined to see the film. But my legs became increasingly heavy throughout the morning, and when the time came to leave I was lying on my sofa. I let myself rest (i don’t often do this). And I’m so glad I did, because at 4pm the “postman” rang my doorbell and asked me to come downstairs to sign for a package…. and what a package it was!

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  1. Nicola

    OMG I am LOVING the lion hat!!! And how happy does he look to see you?

  2. Lynn

    awesome! pic 3 shows where he gets that glorious full mouthed smile. what a wonderful happy little soul. love the wobble posts.

  3. Baraginie

    ooooooooooooooooooooooh! this is the cutest thing to open the door to! can’t wait to go back “Home” ;) in 3 weeks to see my nephew: he’d better get prepared to be absolutely smothered in kisses by his auntie!

  4. Cheri A.

    He looks quite happy to see you too!

  5. susannah

    hee! you should’ve seen my face :-D

  6. ABCcreativity

    that last photo is amazingly heartwarming.

  7. Carrie

    How adorable! I love the relationship that you are your sister have too. I think your love for Mr. Wobble is an extension of that. :)

  8. robyn

    holy moly, i don’t know what i’d have done if someone had gotten that excited to see me. how great!

  9. Lisa

    He’s baaaaaaaaack!
    And getting so big!

  10. jane

    Oh Lordy this made me tearyeyed… such unadulterated joy!

  11. Eadaoin

    hurray new wobble photos, his big smile is just the cutest thing! :)

  12. Andrea

    The best kind of special delivery, ever! He’s getting so BIG & growing so fast & I still can’t get enough of that smile of his that just lights up the room!! I bet you missed seeing your Wobble-man while you were here in the States.

  13. Sara

    your nephew is absolutely precious!!!

  14. chantelle {fat mum slim}

    Oh, I have tears! I know this joy. And I know how beautiful it is to have a sister {I’m lucky, and have two!} that adore your children.

    My sisters go crazy over my daughter, and will listen to her talk nonsense on the phone forever. It’s so special to have someone love your little people… and I can see in his face that he adores you BIG TIME! x

  15. Marisa and Creative Thursday

    i love this. and that lion hat is killing me.

  16. Jo

    That is the best photo sequence ever!

  17. PhotoPuddle

    What fantastic photos. Looks like it was a lovely afternoon. And I love that hat!

  18. Jude

    Aww, he looks soo ecstatic to see you (the sweetest expression you can get from a little one :)) Too adorable!

  19. Victoria Matthews

    Oh goodness. The last picture has me all teary.

  20. Catalina

    This is just JOY!


  21. Charlane Killough Griffith

    and what an adorable package it was!!! much better than any movie. love that hat

  22. hydeeann

    babies are the happiest things in the world. that’s why i went and had six. only problem with them is they don’t last so you are always having to get a new model. =) this is a cycle that can not be sustained indefinitely. enjoy the fleeting moments.

  23. barbraziemer


  24. Jill Kane

    awww – super fantastic! he’s so stylish, with his lion hat and bunny shoes :)

  25. Barb

    Love the whiskered toes!

  26. The Shutter

    Love that hat. Love his smile.
    PS – Sad, I wasn’t able to make the “tweet up” in NYC while you were in town :(

  27. susannah

    there is always next time, love! x

  28. joanne foley

    Darling Susie Sue I’m crying tears of joy seeing those wonderful pics and heart melting love. Excitement this morning at getting your newsletter and still in awe of all that you do, your amazing and I love and miss you. Mike asked after you only yesterday and “please mum can we go to Bath soon!” Life has been very topsy turvy but levelling out now thankfully, one day I’ll get around to finishing Unravelling no1 may even enroll again in December! Love to you xxx

  29. susannah

    i’m here when you are ready, beautiful :) xoox

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