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While we’re on the subject of Polaroids (and really, when am I not?), as you probably know by now, Jen Altman, Amanda Gilligan and I are currently working on our Polaroid how-to book and today we’re putting the call out to Polaroiders around the globe because we want to include you in our book!

We’re looking for Polaroid photographers, Polaroid bloggers and sellers we can include in our (very thorough!) reference/resources section – we’re searching for sites that predominantly feature instant film and/or instant film products, so if you’re a Polaroid photographer, have a Polaroid blog, sell Polaroid prints/jewellery/items or are a photographic store (bricks n mortar OR online) that sells instant/polaroid cameras and film, we would like to hear from you!

If you think you fit into one of these categories, or know someone who does, please email us with the following information:




Website name and URL:

Etsy/online store name and URL, if applicable:

What you do: (e.g. Polaroid photographer, Polaroid-inspired blog, Etsy seller selling Polaroid jewellery, a photographic store selling Fuji Instax cameras or Impossible Project films)

Blog submissions should be from blogs that have been around for at least 2 years and are updated regularly.

‘Polaroid’ refers to photographs taken with a Polaroid camera and/or Polaroid/instant film. iPhone apps, Poladroid or photoshopped ‘Polaroid action’ submissions will not be accepted.

Please note that not all submissions will be included in the book. And, of course, your email addresses will be kept private and will not be printed.

Submissions should be emailed to susannah DOT conway AT mac DOT com or use the contact form here, including the subject line: ‘Polaroid submission’

The deadline is November 15th.

Thank you so much!

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