But first, a day of babysitting

You see that cute lil baby butt up there? That is Wobble crawling. Yep, the real fun ‘n’ games have begun!

Today we had an auntie & nephew day (our first on our own) and it was THE BEST. I’m all Wobbled up with love this evening (I also have achy cheeks as I’ve been grinning like a loon all day)

Which means I haven’t touched my laptop today, so the Digital Detox will begin tomorrow! I really cannot WAIT to get started and am so glad you guys are feeling it too – we can do this, people! :)

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  1. Marianne

    I remember my first day alone with Caleb SO vividly, and to think he’s turning 13 next birthday! Eek. I really do still see that chubby, grinning, baby in him. But these days I resist the temptation to nibble him. Crazy aunty is cool, up to a point, right?

  2. karen d

    what a great day, it looks like you had some quality Auntie/nephew bonding time.
    First time I babysat my nephew solo.. (15 years ago) he fell into the corner of my glass table and had to get stitches.. after the hospital his Mom said where do you want to go and he said back to my house.. now that is love ;-)

  3. Jude

    That is soo sweet, especially that part about your cheeks aching from grinning so much! Love it :)

  4. Lynn

    Uh oh! Goin’ mobile! That spells trouble! Too cute :)

  5. Brigitte

    I cannot imagine a better way to prep for a digital detox than spending an entire day offline with someone who matters to you so very much. Hope you enjoyed your date with Wobble!

  6. kathleen

    What a great auntie/nephew day – the first of many!!

  7. Catalina

    Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! so great day you had! this wobble is SO cute! hugs and kisses to both

  8. Mariella

    this baby is amazing really! amazingly cute and I LOVE his jumper and those cute little shoes…being an aunt is a lot of fun, I have fond memories of my first times alone with my nephews:-)

  9. stacy

    have him crawl over this way and give his internet girlfriend Mia a kiss. ; )

  10. susannah

    oh man, we gotta hook those two up! ;-D

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