Half an hour this morning

1. lying on my bed as the sunshine poured in
2. off to find bread for lunch (scored olive & lavender ciabatta)
3. my neighbour’s car
4. at the delicatessen
5. the churchyard.

All shot with the Hipstamatic iPhone app

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  1. Sage & Style

    Beautiful! My favorite is at the delicatessen. Of course being Saturday morning that’s all I think about. Did you really get around to shoot all these things in a half hour? Impressive!

  2. susannah

    i live in a very tiny city :)

  3. Mariella

    They are gorgeous Susannah, talented photographer aside, this app looks great, makes you want to buy an Iphone just for that!

  4. susannah

    it really is so much fun :)

  5. emily Perry

    lovely- i especially heart the self-portrait!

  6. Lynne Malan

    oh you gorgeous woman!!! That first photo is so soft and sensual and real..mmmmm….gorgeous! xx

  7. Barbara

    The car should be outside my house, we are celebrating my citizenship with a British Themed Party (I am dressing up as a Northerner giurl, with PJ’s, full make up on and Rollers!)

  8. bettye rainwater

    what a lovely morning you’ve had :-)

    i can’t wait til Verizon has an iphone – I want it just for the photo apps! B’berry has nothing comparable (amazingly. what are they THINKING??).


  9. Janet Smith

    I love, love iPhotography and Hipstamatic. Try Plastic Bullet, Picture Show and Lo Mob…oh and Pic Grunger is really cool. (Also addicted)

  10. tiffany

    Susannah, these shots are gorgeous!! What hipstamatic combination did you use on them? I’ve been playing with the app for a while now, but have never gotten results like these!

  11. susannah

    thanks lovie! it’s the Bettie lens + DreamCanvas film – the film is part of a new set they released yesterday inspired by Dali (i don’t like the lens much, but the film is aces :)

  12. Nathalie

    may I say? Sexy…

  13. Serinissima

    Yesterday, that would be right- your quick!!! I’m looking going “I don’t have those filters, why don’t I have those filters?”, yesterday. The mist hasn’t even cleared here yet and I’ve already played with my phone- now I have to go download and replay.

  14. bella

    you are such a sexy thing! love these hipstas, these little peeks. xo

  15. annalyn

    that iphone apps is impressive, makes me wanting to go back to iphone.

  16. Amelia

    gorgeous celebrations of moments in time :)


  17. Jennifer Lee

    Gorgeous yummy inspiring. I know you’re on your digital detox but if you haven’t checked out the instagram app I think you’d love it too. You can import hipstamatics into it.

  18. donna

    Okay, NOW I want that app!

  19. Karen D

    what a great document of the day.. I need IPHONE….comon verizon

  20. Jan's camera

    Beautiful photos. I love the self-portrait.

  21. Jude

    This instamatic iPhone thing might be the best thing to happen since sliced bread! It’s amazing these are really phone-camera shots. I love the deli one and the churchyard.

  22. Molly

    That last picture is beautiful. I think I’m going to have to get an iPhone- just for that app

  23. stacy

    that first photograph is stunning. you are such a beaut. xo

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