The 2010 Gift List

I love buying/giving presents, I love shopping online and I love handmade stuff, so it makes sense that I spend a LOT of time on Etsy. Admittedly I tend to gift myself with presents throughout the year, but i temper my guilt with the knowledge that I’m supporting artists and makers who are running their own creative biz, just like me.

So as it’s that time of year again, I thought I’d indulge my secret dream (to run an artsy handmade boutique–how much fun would that be, eh?!) and share some of my Etsy favourites:

Clockwise from top left: I’ve been lusting after this print from Dolan Geiman for ages; likewise this cute wooden family from Gypsy & Twink.
Very proud to own this retro print cushion from Roddy & Ginger, and love wearing this necklace from Edor – it’s so delicate and perfect.
These soy candles from Oakmoss are the bomb – my favourites are her Sanctuary and Peace blends. Divine!
Jen Altman’s 2011 Polaroid calender looks amazing – i want one!
I have a glasses case like this one from Oktak and it protects my sunglasses perfectly – recommended.
Mr owl lives very happily next to my Roddy & Ginger cushion :)
Everything Mati Rose paints make me ridiculously happy, and these 80s movie coasters from Retro Whale are just too good to be true.
If i had a Mr Photobird in my life he’d find a ‘stashe hip flask in his stocking this year. Totally.
‘Pugs not Drugs’… Need I say more?
I need this tiny wooden Polaroid brooch from Craft Folk. NEED it!
Two more Polaroid calenders from lovely Alicia Bock and Cori Kindred – must haves!
You can’t go wrong with any purchase from my favourite perfumier on Etsy, Sweet Anthem.

* * * * *

For more gift ideas check out my Pinterest boards (there’s a special list for Wobbles here :) Thanks to Victoria at Sfgirlbybay for inspiring me to make a list!

13 responses
  1. Charlane Killough Griffith

    as a pug mommy i MUST have that bag! sweet!

  2. roxanne

    How very cute and quaint! Love the polaroid calender especially!


  3. victoria smith

    i love it susannah! your montage looks so great!

  4. Rachel

    Lovely list! Here’s another little (non-etsy but still in the small creative artist arena) something that you might like, as I know you’ve been loving NYC lately. My best friend ordered it for me for my birthday last month and I’m anxiously awaiting its arrival any day now :D

  5. Jude

    The pugs not drugs has to be my favorite! But I’ll also take the polaroid calendar and that sweet necklace anyday :)

  6. Becka @ life as an artistpreneur

    Thanks for sharing! I love finding lovely new shops. :)

  7. Kathryn

    gorgeous stuff, love it all :)

  8. Rhianne

    I’ve seen these on your pinterest and wanted them all!! :)

  9. susannah

    omg, i want one!!!!!! :)

  10. Desiree Cherisse

    Wonderful list!

  11. Dolan Geiman

    Great gift guide. Thanks very much for including my artwork!

  12. nic

    I knew that was Dolan Geiman! I love his work too and he frequents the Chicago art-fairs during the summer (he’s a local). I adore his mixed media work with birds. Hope you get a piece of his for Christmas!

  13. alicia

    Darling… your list is so gorgeous! Thank you for including my little calendar! I am dying to try your perfumier! Sadly, it is the last thing I need right now. Just a bit scent obsessed… my shelves are so full.
    xoxox- A.

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