Why yellow Chucks are always best

‘I’m always composing with my eyes – I find it impossible to switch it off, actually; I’m the one who lags behind the group to photograph the rust on the side of a skip. My friends and family have learned to tolerate my behaviour…

Just a quick drive-by post to say: There’s an interview with me over on Shutter Sisters today :)

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  1. Charlane Killough Griffith

    oh i do love my chucks

  2. Brooke

    ooh, always like a good interview ~ and agree with your film philosophy; wait for that feeling, and if it’s not there, walk away. :)

  3. Suki

    Loved your interview today!

  4. echo

    Oh, how I wish I had some yellow ones! Or orange. Do they make orange?

  5. annalyn

    mine is red :).. your yellow is soooooo pretty, i guess I’ll buy one lol!

  6. Zavila

    Great interview!!! I love red chucks, but i want yellow too!!

  7. karen d

    I popped over to read the interview.. really enjoyed hearing more about your process.
    Karen D

  8. Jude

    I remembering seeing this gorgeous picture on another blog, actually! So beautiful to see it here now at yours :)

  9. susannah

    yeah, it gets around, but now it’s back home, where it should be :)

  10. Kathryn

    awesome shot

  11. Kristin M. Snyder

    I love this! Colorful shoes always make me smile, and in my traveling, I often take ‘my feet were here!’ pictures – my friend meg things i should make a whole facebook album of my Traveling Feet – LOL!

  12. Tricia @ {every}nothing wonderful

    Thanks – this really made me smile!

  13. katrina

    i concur. i saw a pair of yellow chucks while window shopping a couple of weeks ago and thought of you — your photo — instantly. i felt tempted to buty them, but decided not to at the last minute — the yellow chucks are your signature! i love this photo, a fave, certainly.

  14. katrina

    spelling correction:

    wrong: buty
    correct: buy


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