A chip off the old block

Today’s Weekly Wobble comes from my mum, who emailed me this photo (which was taken by my sister) — I love that a) he already has good taste in alcoholic beverages and b) how teeny tiny his little hand is on the table. Teensy!

I love him so much my head could explode. He has a rotten cold at the moment and his poor mama is going through it as he communicates all his needs and feelings via the medium of CRYING. Poor little Nigel Bobbins (our new name for him. See also: Baba San, Noah Baboa, Butter Bean and the best baby in the world.)

I can’t wait to spend Christmas with this fuzzy-headed little dude… I’ve heard rumours there may be a reindeer costume.

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  1. Barbara

    Christmas Costumes are the best! My nephew was a baby snowman 2 years ago, last year he was santa, then this year 2 if my friends had baby so I got one of them an elf costume and the other one a reindeer outfit! Oh and Lovely Nephew is a full on snowman this year, fake belly and all: we sent it to him at the start of December, can’t wait to see him next week.
    (Next week, YAY!)

  2. susannah

    yay Babs! xx

  3. Rachel Nixon

    Bless- this is just hilarious!

  4. Mel

    :) phew, am glad that is has been averted that he could ever be tempted by Carling or (worse) Stella.

  5. Katherine

    Those CHEEKS!!!

  6. Jonathan "Blade" Manning

    Our sons are just a few weeks apart. This past summer we were at an Irish Pub restaurant and had a Guinness on the table as well. He (Boy2) would smile and giggle at it, and cry if it was out of his sight. He just enjoyed gazing upon it. Yay!

  7. susannah


  8. Zarina Ávila

    Beautiful baby!!!

  9. Jan's camera

    So cute. I love his chubba’ cheeks.

  10. Shanon

    Awwwwwh!!!! Teeny hands, yum, yum, yum. =)

  11. Vanessa

    be still my heart.
    those cheeks, they look so scrumptious!
    happy holidays to you and yours, Susannah.
    love, Vx
    p.s. Noah has my whole-hearted approval on his choice of poison. from the home of the black stuff, “Sláinte” :)

  12. susannah

    i knew you’d approve, hon :) xx

  13. Jude

    Much as I love Wobble, I adore Baba San and Butter Bean! I
    hope the poor little dude feels better soon!

  14. susannah

    Hee! Those were both coined by his papa :)

  15. PhotoPuddle

    Oh my! What a terribly cute photo!

  16. Marisol Perry

    Awwwwwh!!!! Teeny hands, yum, yum, yum. =)

  17. Nona Mills

    i knew you’d approve, hon :) xx

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