A little break

I probably should have said this last week, but I’m trying to wean myself off the shoulds — I’m taking a micro blogging break over the holidays while I dig into the chapters I’m currently writing. Can i just say for the record that writing a book is challenging and hard. It’s also amazing, don’t get me wrong, but these days I’m getting a daily derriere kicking as I mine my healing journey for nuggets of wisdom. The irritating who do you think you are? voice is having so much fun with me, it’s not true. When authors quip they put ‘blood, sweat and tears’ into their book they’re not kidding. When this book reaches your hands just know that you’ll be holding a little piece of my heart – seriously.

In other news, I’m sad I haven’t had more time to do the #Reverb10 prompts because they’ve all been fabulous! Perhaps when I’m deep in procrastination mode I’ll pull one out to blog. I’ll definitely be back next weekend for a Wobble update (reindeer costume, people!), and also for New Year’s Eve because I’m excited to share my word for 2011.

In the meantime, some links to peruse if the holidays are making you crazy… consider my blog a safe haven of linkie love :) Happy holidays, everyone! xo

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(Above) Four years of photos shared on Flickr, made into a 3-minute slideshow at pummelvision.com – shows me how my eye has developed

This hilarious clip needs to be watched DAILY – what animals are really saying

Grandmother turned caped crusader

Fish-eye and macro/wide-angle lenses
for iPhones

New app obsessions: Instagram :: Inception :: Cartolina :: Kindle :: Instapaper :: PlainText :: iPeriod :: Google (voice-activated searches!)

On my wish list:  Pema Chodron on Unconditional Confidence (audio)

Loving Tara’s free ebook, Jen’s inspiring work space, Sas’s winter mixtape, Clare’s Women in Business manifesto and Neil’s Fifth Annual Blogger Christmalhijrahanukwanzaakah online concert!

DVD gift vouchers burning a hole in your pocket? Can heartily recommend Fringe, Lie to Me and Flashforward

“Coffee, it becames my passions.”

The cat in the hat

The cat in the sweater

Magic is possible with the Impossible film

Inspiring: Tony Porter’s TED Talk – A Call to Men

Zenning out with Fabeku’s Don’t Lose Your Shit Kit

Reminder of how amazing the world really is: Timelapse of the Aurora Borealis

And finally, say hello to Abi, my hair colourist :)

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  1. Melissa

    Have a wonderful blog break Susannah! Thank you for all the links – and everything else you’ve introduced me to this year. So looking forward to Jan 3rd :)

  2. Thea

    Great links love. Enjoy the break.xo

  3. Meghan

    Good luck with the writing, love. Can’t wait to read it when you three lasses are done creating this wonderful book. And simply gorgeous portrait of Abi. xoxo

  4. karen d

    enjoy your holidays with your loved ones! I can’t wait to see the book, I am sure it is filled with all sorts of juicy goodness.


  5. Heather

    Thanks for the links.. I LOVE the video I find it really amazing to be able to see the world through someone else’s eyes and heart, I found myself wanting to stop it and get the story behind it many times.. love the peeks into what looks like collage and visual journaling too!

  6. bella

    I can’t wait until the day when I have your book(s) in my hands! <3 Happy Holidays xo.

    ps… the cheeks on wobble… holy hell, they are so pinchable. he's adorable.

  7. elizabeth

    Thank you for these fabulous links!! Go have a deep,
    relaxing, sumptuous stretch of a holiday!! xxoxo

  8. Jude

    Hope you have a wonderful break, Susannah! (So sorry I’ve
    been MIA last week – was without internet a whole week, catching up
    slowly!) And may the coming days bring the loveliest moments ever,
    book-wise and otherwise!

  9. PhotoPuddle

    Hope you have a good break and see you back here again
    soon! Good luck with the writing xx

  10. Kathryn

    best wishes for your book. I know how hard it is, been
    working on mine in amongst study and etc. for the past three

  11. ginger

    ALAN ALAN! hahahahah im dyin!

  12. The Shutter

    Holy coolness. That video is awesome. Bravo.

  13. leoniewise

    Caped crusader gran is all kinds of awesome. (so are

  14. Amelia

    hi Susannah, loads of inspiration here – thank you! Hope
    your festive period is filled with fun and productivity! Thanks
    again for the support in getting my experimental art-ing idea off
    the ground in 2010. Have a wonderful christmas. Amelia.x

  15. Sara

    I absolutely adore the photograph of your colourist. Talk about a beautiful woman – and you encompassed that essence of beauty so perfectly in your photo! Capturing that inner beauty is a talent possessed by very few :)

  16. kelly Nolan

    New Goal for 2011 – get myself a hair colorist! Happy
    Wobbly Holidays Susannah!

  17. Josie Lowery

    Thank you for these fabulous links!! Go have a deep, relaxing, sumptuous stretch of a holiday!! xxoxo

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