Eleven things

December 11. 11 Things

What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life? (Author: Sam Davidson)

1. I no longer need to purchase every business teleseminar that is being offered. Especially when I never have time to listen to them so they pile up on my hard drive like internet roadkill. In fact, i no longer wish to purchase any teleseminar or audio class as that style of learning just doesn’t suit me.

2. I no longer wish to view my body as defective. It works, it’s fairly healthy and it’s only got 37 years on the clock — no need for an upgrade just yet.

3. I no longer need to doubt that love will find me again. Even though i have no evidence to the contrary, I know that my current attitude is keeping cupid away (as is my work load.)

4. I no longer wish to be a non-driver. It’s getting embarrassing now, not to mention inconvenient. 2011 will be the year I pass my test.

5. I no longer need to define myself by my grief story. It is a key part of why I’m doing what I’m doing, and why I know what I know, but it’s no longer the only story I have. There is so much more to me now.

6. I no longer need to feel guilty when I eat chocolate. I am not six years old. I am a grown woman and can eat what the hell i like, when I like.

7. I no longer need to worry about not shaving my legs, because really — who cares?

8. I no longer need to say yes to every request made of me. It’s okay to say no once in a while.

9. I no longer need to listen to the voice that tells me nothing I do is ever good enough.

10. I no longer need to call myself an ex-smoker — I am now a non-smoker. It’s been two years (two years!)

11. I no longer want to be not writing poetry. 2011 will be the year of the Polaroid poem.

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  1. Lori

    I love this list SO much.

  2. Debbie

    Great list! Love will find you again, I’m sure. It found me 2 years ago after 17 single years. And I am with you on the not driving thing – I am 42 and have never learned. I know I should, I just don’t really want to….

  3. Amy Oscar

    I love your list. I feel as if I know you – and love you – even better. Beautiful and bravo!

  4. Graciel

    a smashingly perfect list. can’t wait for the polaroid poems.


  5. Kaye

    LOVE this post
    Ive got a story that defined me for so long, and sometimes Im still inclined to tell it… but for the most part people want to know who we are, not what we were.

  6. The Other Laura

    A lot of these would be on my list too (and hooray for you)!

  7. Sophie {Red Dust Love}

    What a great concept! My mum’s birthday is December 11th. Maybe I will write this list too. Thanks for sharing. xo.

  8. Sandie Cottee

    Great list Susannah. It’s started me thinking what I might eliminate in 2011.
    Good luck with the driving and poetry!
    I’ve been part of a women’s poetry group for the past 13 years. It can be very nurturing and powerful. Polaroid poetry – love it!!

  9. Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

    Loving your list . . . good luck passing your driving test.

  10. Alexis

    the polaroid poem…ooo i cant wait to see what this is…

  11. myla

    brilliant. I think this is something I am going to work on too (so many similarities, it’s a trip) xo

  12. Sophie Ncholls

    Especially loving number 9. And please can I join in the chorus for the Polaroid poems? Now *those* I want to see. :)

  13. Cheri Andrews

    Love this list Susannah! You’ve really figured out a good bunch of stuff to let go of in 2011.

  14. Gina

    you inspired me so here’s mine (with a link back to you)


  15. Gina

    ooops so here’s the link http://t.co/A9RWs7c <3

  16. Michelle

    I love your list especially #2 and #7! I am a bit behind on the reverb posts but I will be catching up soon!

  17. Angela Vular

    Love the idea of this list…going to start mine tonight. The polaroid poem sounds interesting!!!

  18. Ursula

    What a beautiful way to end the year/bring in the next year. Love Love Love this! Definitely am going to make my own list.

  19. tiffany | live happy

    SO well said, my friend! I think that this list could go for so many of us!

  20. leoniewise

    This list made me giggle
    and I am especially excited about #11

  21. Marilyn

    Beautiful you, beautiful list.

  22. Tina Tierson

    Susannah! Oh, how I needed to read this! I lost my son in Desert Storm and have defined myself primarily as a woman who lost her son for 20 years! The pain will never go away but maybe now it’s time to find out who I really am. At nearly 66 I think it’s about time! And you, sweet girl, will find the love you seek! That’s a promise! Your true self shines through, even across the Internet. You just need the time to find the man who deserves you!! Thanks again for the marvelous list!

  23. Lara

    what a perfect, authentic list…kudos to you for all of the above.

    “I don’t need an upgrade yet”…I’m gonna use that! :)

  24. sas

    *grabs bucket of popcorn* *watches awesomeness unfold*


  25. alison dunne

    I like your list most of those I’ve read. Thankyou.

  26. MDTaz

    I’ve seen so many lists – provocative and inspiring – in response to this prompt. But the specificity of the things on your list makes it especially authentic. (And the beautiful language, too!) I think you *will* let go of those 11 things in 2011.

  27. rebecca

    How do you do it? Just when I am convinced you couldn’t get any more fabulous you go and do this! Love.Every.One.

  28. Gemma

    I could probably use a few of these myself – brilliant list, and here’s to acheiving them *raises large glass of something fizzy* x

  29. Marjory

    Yes to saying NO when we need to for our own sake. Yes to letting the inner critic rest. He’s been way too busy!!!

    This is lovely, to a year of visual poetry!

  30. melissa

    I LOVE this list! I think I may need to write one myself.

  31. Bria

    Oh gosh, I have had such a hard time with this prompt but you made it look so easy! And let me just say, I really am looking forward to your Polaroid poems. :-)

  32. gis

    Polaroid peoms sounds VERY interesting: let us know how it goes!

  33. Julie

    great list. Very thoughtful, you’ve inspired me. thanks

  34. helen

    That’s a great list.

    I have decided to give up shaving my legs For Ever. I was sitting in the bath chatting to my baby daughter and about to pick up the razor when it suddenly really seemed to me to be sending out the wrong message to her about her body. Not that she’s shaving her legs (yet) heh heh!

    I can’t say I’m totally happy with the results. One of my near relatives must have been a gorilla. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep it up, in fact I dreamt last night I shaved them (there was a thrilling dream). So we’ll see…

    Good luck to you with letting go of all of these!

  35. Catalina

    Love it! some of them would apply to me :) very useful to do this list for sure, gives you a perspective of what you want an need, and not need.

    I will follow this example! will make my list.


  36. Leslie Dean Alterman

    HERE here! i am so doing this too! Your list…my fav. is about eating choc. RIGHT???? F%^k. I will eat chocolate as happily as I do BROCCOLI. Mmmm, chocolate;)
    Thank you S.

  37. Lisa

    I can indentify with many things on this list. Especially the part about you being a grown woman and can eat chocolate when you like. : )

    But most of all, it’s wonderful that you’re a non-smoker. Congrats!

  38. Nikki

    wonderful wonderful list

  39. Heather

    Great post! Several items resonating here. Congrats on #10! Next month will be 19 years as a a non-smoker for me! 19! So happy. Best new year wishes to you.

  40. shauiegirl

    I got teary eyed reading your list. My fave is #5…
    “there is more to me now!”
    Can i steal number 5 as my New year’s resolution?
    i luv ur Soul Susannah!

  41. Sharron Clemons

    Polaroid peoms sounds VERY interesting: let us know how it goes!

  42. E'Layne Koenigsberg

    what a great list…i don’t know where you live but i want
    to hop in a car with you and help you achieve your goal…great
    don’t want list…the next list could be…I WANT…..cause a brave
    woman like you will get what you want!!!!

  43. Jane Evasiuk

    I too am a wordy girl….I love your creativity and encouragement, your lists, helping others enjoy their lives more through self discovery in many unique ways….and I love your word “Unraveling” – this year I don’t need any more hesitations or reasons NOT to take your online course, it will be fabulous! You are very bravely continuing your story and inspiring us all…

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