My year in Polaroids

::: Polaroids from 2009 :::

Happy New Year, everybody! I’ll be back tomorrow with my word for 2011, and a little present for you all :) x

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  1. jane

    Beautiful magical year. I’m looking forward to the word.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Catherine Denton

    Love your pics. Happy New Year!

  3. heidi

    I love the one of a new born Wobble! Looking forward to
    2011’s word!

  4. Melissa

    Dear beautiful Susannah The way you have inspired and
    influenced me this year, well – there are no words for. God only
    knows what the next 8 weeks (and beyond) hold!! :) mj. x

  5. Charlane Killough Griffith

    happy new year!

  6. Tracy

    Gorgeous images! More beauty to you this new year… Thank

  7. bella

    Happy 1st day of 2011 to you, sweet girl. I especially love
    pic #’s 4 & 8. xxoo

  8. Hannah

    pure magic. happy new year!

  9. nathalie

    bonne année ~ happy new year, Susannah and thank you for
    sharing so much beauty :)

  10. jenny weston

    LOVE!!! happy new year susannah! sending my love &
    best wishes into 2011. you’re such an inspiration lady! xo

  11. Brooke

    That first one! ~ perfection…and I cannot believe Noah was only born this year! It seems as if he has been around this space longer. Time does fly!

  12. Marisa Anne

    It’s an honor to be included. Seriously, I am not kidding,
    I traveled to London and back, in my dream last night to visit you.
    I also tried tweeting about my trip in my dream ;) I literally woke
    up wanting to give you a call. thinking of you. Beautiful photos as
    always. Happy New Year!

  13. leoniewise

    Happy new year to you sweet friend I love you Thanks for
    being a part of my life

  14. Silvia

    These pictures are wonderful. Great tones, and just the right amount of bluriness.
    And most of all, they are full of life!

  15. vi Jones

    Absolutely beautiful images. So much of what is being done with instant materials in the name of art just isn’t. Your images are a delight to look at. Thank you for sharing.


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