The euphoria of love

December 3. Memory

Pick one moment during which you felt most alive this year. Describe it in vivid detail (texture, smells, voices, noises, colors). (Author: Ali Edwards)

It was my first afternoon in New York City. On my own, in the sunshine, a Polaroid camera in my hands — just the way I like it. After meeting my agent and editor for breakfast — our first meeting, and an auspicious moment in itself — I wandered through Madison Square Park and made my way towards Greenwich Village; considering it was my very first time in the city I didn’t for a moment feel out of place or lost. Perhaps it’s because so many of the films, artists and music I love were born in New York, but whatever it was, I felt completely and perfectly at home. Sauntering along Bleeker Street, turning a corner then another, letting my feet lead the way with no agenda, no worries, just me and the city. It was my afternoon of bliss… excitement… discovery… freedom.

When I snapped the photo above with my iPhone I was feeling as present and alive as I’d been watching my nephew be born five months earlier. Euphorically alive. How the streets glowed in the afternoon light! The pavement hot and dirty, the scent of food impossible to distinguish — Mexican? Hot dogs? Coffee & sickly doughnuts were in there for sure. The people enchanted me: the lady who gave me the address of her favourite book shop in London; the guy who invited me to an art party; the gent who admired my Polaroid and let me shoot his portrait. It was all so seductive. I fell in love with a city, and every time i see photos of New York my heart aches like it would for a long-lost lover. Ridiculous, really, but I am smitten.

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  1. rebecca

    Not ridiculous at all, that city has its hold on me too, if only as a visitor. The energy coming off that place is like a stink I want to never be out of reach of.

  2. Amy Oscar

    Your photos have me smitten! I live 35 minutes from New York and I’ve seen it looking just the way you’ve captured it – glowing with energy. That first photo the light is actually moving! Gorgeous. Glad you stopped by and I hope you return soon.

  3. Kate MacAndrew

    What a great description – I’ve never been to NY myself but it felt like I was there just reading this! :)

  4. Dr. Dolly

    Now, I have a strong desire to re-visit NYC. Beautiful!

  5. Monica

    Thank you for the reminder of why it’s awesome to live here:) Sometimes this town beats me down. I had forgotten it also lifts me up in so many ways.

  6. Katina Wright

    Generally I’m not a huge city fan but New York is a place I’ve always wanted to visit. Thanks for taking me on a tour via a wonderfully written blog post.

    Kat :-)

  7. karen d

    lovely memory of your alive moments.

  8. rowena

    Susannah, you captured my New York. Not everyone sees my New York. You did. It may be the same geographic place as the other New York, but this one is different, and special. I miss it.

  9. joey hoffman

    ahhh, ny. my home, or it was. i miss and adore it like, as you said, a long-lost lover. beautiful portrait. sniff. smile…

  10. Storm

    As many people have said, you know your a New Yorker the first time you set foot there. I’ve been there two times and i can say with all my heart that it is my home, there’s something about it, it’s magical, impractical and fast paced.

  11. Johanna

    That was my very first apt in NYC. How cool is that? xo

  12. Johanna

    I should clarify – the apt above Panchitos. xo

  13. Jude

    What a beautiful post, Susannah! So captures the best city I’ve ever lived in in my life. I still miss it dearly every single day, the way one misses a person (is that going too far?)

  14. susannah

    NO WAY!!!!!!!!!! :-D

  15. susannah

    Not at all – i fee the same and i’ve only been there once! ;)

  16. Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

    Great post, I love it when we feel a strong connection to a place.

  17. kamana

    a city that fascinates me and one i wish to visit one day.

  18. Astrid

    Oh New York! I know so well how you feel.

    Thanks for linking to by blog, btw :-)

  19. Cassie

    You have illustrated (in utter perfection) my love for New York City. I feel this way every time I take the train ride in to the greatest city in the world. Come live in New York some time soon— yours is a soul the city would be honored to harbor.

  20. Rachel Nixon

    Seems like there are a lot of us NewYorkophiles out there! I first fell in love with it in 1986 when I was 16 and went there for the summer, these pix capture that NY charm…..I thought I was Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan when I was there and nearly abandonded college and stayed – sometimes kick myself for passing up the opportunity to be a full-time New Yorker….maybe one day!……

  21. susannah

    Fast forward to 2010 and I spent the whole week spotting names from DSS – Bleeker Street! Battery Park! Port Authority! etc ;-)

    That film defined my entire teenage – still love watching it today

  22. Micheline

    That kind of love is never ridiculous.

  23. Kristina

    Ya, me too!

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