The photographer who can’t take a break

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  1. Jude

    Ahahaha! I had to chuckle out loud (for reals!) when I saw this – I’d be the same if I weren’t forced to go internet-less soon :)

    Hope you get well-deserved R&R and quality time with loved ones – Happy Christmas and New Years, Susannah!

  2. bella

    The itch doesn’t leave you when you LOVE what you do! It doesn’t even give you a writing break.

  3. Jo Klima

    I love these two images!! Are they take with hipstamatic?

  4. Storm

    You can’t escape from the internet Susannah! Hope you have an amazing Christmas by the way!! xx

  5. susannah

    i really can’t ;-)

  6. susannah

    thanks, love! They were taken using the Instagram app :)

  7. Andrea

    I hope you & yours have a very happy

  8. Liz C.

    Happy Christmas Susannah! Hope you’re having a beautiful
    day. Thank you for all you do and share here – my 2010 would have
    been far less joyful without my wonderful Unravelling pals and the
    amazing experience of meeting you! You are a powerful force for
    good, my dear:)

  9. jojo

    loved the title of this! just had to laugh. how do you do
    it :) lovely photos!

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