The smallest diner in the restaurant

Happy birthday, Papa Bear!!

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  1. Carolyn | A Beautiful Ripple Effect

    I can’t take wobble’s cuteness – you glow when you’re with him, it’s so beautiful to see the love between him and his incredible auntie (can’t wait for wobble to get older and realize he’s famous!!)

  2. Nathalie

    His expression in the push chair is just amazing: what are you doing there auntie? and his eyebrow goes up inquisitively as well!
    I’m sure he thinks a camera is part of your face.

  3. susannah

    LOL! yes, probably :)

  4. Sherralee

    Go, wobble go!

    Love, love, love your love for wobble. I have a new grandson who is much loved too.

  5. Kristina

    Diners are awesome and it looks like fun was had by all!

  6. PhotoPuddle

    Aw, great pictures. Looks like you all had a great time!

  7. Trude

    So sweet! Looks like a lovely time. :) Such a fantastic relationship you all have!

  8. Jude

    He is becoming such a pro in front of the camera lens, and he grows so much with each post!

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