The smallest reindeer in the world

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  1. Eadaoin

    What a cutie!! I hope you had a lovely Chrismas with Wobble
    and family :)

  2. Jan's camera

    Adorable! He is so precious.

  3. Thea

    what a gorgeous little boy

  4. Star

    What a cutie! Also, thank you for the Christmas gift (I
    know, you’re thinking, I didn’t gift Star with anything). Life has
    been so much better since the digital detox, and I continue to
    notice the effects as the days roll by. I spend (waste) far less
    time on digital things. But probably the biggest thing has been how
    much lighter I feel after drop-kicking some of the blogs in my feed
    reader–they were sucking the life out of me and I didn’t realize
    how much until I was free of them. I’m looking forward to a
    wonderful year ahead thanks to the detox!

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