The year in review

I’m trying to remember what happened this year, but all i see is one thing: Wobble. My nephew arrived (two weeks late) on April 1st and since then the only thing that’s mattered is what his royal cuteness is doing. Obviously the biggest change has been for his parents, but watching (and experiencing) my family be remade with our love for this little boy has been down-on-my-knees humbling. This week I’m writing the chapter in my book that focusses on family and relationships, and how interconnected we all really are; I could happily write the whole thing about Noah. Happily, giddily, merrily. He is my heart*.

* I may have alluded to this a few times in the last 9 months, huh?

So, what else has happened this year? <scratches head>

Well, I said farewell to my Ink on my fingers blog and launched this site…

… I fell hopelessly in love with New York City

… I taught my first ever photography class at Squam Art Workshops in New Hampshire

… I signed not one but TWO book deals! I know, right? Ridiculous! I’m penning a book about my healing and creative journey as we speak… and collaborating with Jen and Amanda on a book about Polaroid photography. Both will be out in 2012

… I instigated the infamous Naughty Words Wednesday ;-)

… I spent a super-girlie weekend in Marrakesh and a soulful weekend in a cottage

… I decided not to move to London… yet

… I embraced my glorious imperfection

… I received the most amazing gift from some former Unravellers on my birthday

… I enjoyed an August Break

… as improbable as it sounds, I learned to appreciate yoga

… and I was healed by a tiny guru.

All in all, a pretty good year!

[photos by his mummy]

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  1. Selma

    Sounds like a great year. And Wobble is just too adorable. I love reading about him. Thanks for sharing the joy. Wishing you all the best for 2011!

  2. Christina

    Oh Susannah, what an amazing year you have had! You are INSPIRATION embodied. And I heart, heart, heart that photo of you and the Wobble. Truly. Happy New Year!

  3. Mariella

    It looks like a fantastic year and I wish you a wonderful wonderful new one Susannah! These pictures of “His Royal Cuteness” :-))))are just TOO beautiful! Happy new year! xo

  4. emily Perry

    indeed a great year! here is to a wonderful 2011~!

  5. kat

    New people are such a gift to us all. It has been magical seeing you so enthralled by Mr Wobble.

  6. Debi

    funny how one little person can tower over such big events,
    can totally change our world. as is right. you’ve had a very good
    year indeed – your heart is full of happiness and it shows. happy
    new year!!

  7. Karen D

    It has been such fun watching your year unfold, starting
    with Unravelling and then meeting at Squam.. you truly are a
    gifted, generous soul and It has been my pleasure to meet you, may
    our paths continue to cross. Have a Happy and Healthy New year and
    say hi to Wobble! xo Karen D

  8. Sandie Cottee

    LOVE your post, Susannah! So much achieved and so much
    love. I’ve journied with you on a couple of these, and it’s made me
    realise what a creative and amazing year I’ve had too. Thank you
    for sharing. Good luck with your writing – so much still to come!!
    Have a happy new year and I hope the next one is equally as
    wonderful for you :)

  9. Catalina

    a great year for sure! August Break, Unravelling and Noah
    (first in the list! he put so many smiles in my heart!)are some of
    the beuatiful and amazing things for me this year! xoxo

  10. jane

    YOU DESERVE love, beauty, grace, joy, healing, less pms,
    clean teeth and most of all to see all the beauty you are reflected
    in the eyes of another… sending you wishes for all that in

  11. susannah

    Wow… Thank you, love! Xxxx

  12. sas

    because of you i got to say WANK STAIN on your pretty blog.
    i’ll always love you for that. x

  13. susannah


  14. PhotoPuddle

    It’s been a busy year eh! I love how much you adore Wobble.
    He’s a very lucky and loved little boy. And I also you love your
    work and your blog. You have lots of talent. Wishing you a very
    happy and creative 2011 x

  15. Francesca

    A wonderful year with a wonderful wobble! I’m so pleased I got to meet you in New York (which still seems strange given I spent so much of 2010 in London and even a couple of heavenly days in Bath!)
    Here’s to a splendid 2011, one that fulfills the promise of 2010 and brings new brightness too. xo

  16. Charlane Killough Griffith

    happy new year to one of my favorites! may 2011 bring you wonderful blessings, belly laughs, peace, and something fabulously romantic yet whimsical.

  17. Lisa

    I wish you a beautiful New Year Susannah! lisa.

  18. stacy

    truly enjoyed reading this. what an inspired year you have
    lived, continued blessings to you in 2011 my sweet friend.

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