Making a book

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  1. Jill Kane

    Lady, you’re such an inspiration. I would love to write a
    book – on what, not sure (yet). And I have a very romantic notion
    of the entire writing process. . . words coming effortlessly while
    I somewhat secretively click away on my laptop at a friendly
    neighborhood coffeeshop. Where everyone knows my name and we all
    have our “spots” on comfy couches. Alas, I know this image is one
    of my own imagination. Thank you for shining a light on your
    real-life process. It’s still dripping with beauty – you know that
    right? Beauty is messy and unknowing, too.

  2. Charlane Killough Griffith

    looks so exciting and when we see it in the bookstore we
    can all buy excitedly saying “i saw that when….”

  3. leslie

    I pulled out my old polaroids today and dusted them off. I
    am ordering film on line and I am ready to start. My first
    boyfriend bought me a Polaroid when I was in 10th grade. (many,
    many moons ago). Your pictures are inspiring. leslie

  4. Brooke

    ooh, nice slice of life. :)

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