My tiny writing coach

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  1. Emma Bradshaw

    oh my, how HUGE is wobble now? he has grown so much Sus, unbelievable but still just as cute x

  2. Jackie

    It’s scary how time passes. Seems like Noah was just born and there he is, standing up (or at least kneeling; hard to tell from photo.) How did that happen??? Reminds me how fast time passes and the need to make the most of it and enjoy every moment. Happy writing!!

  3. Marianne

    I love him not only because he’s adorable (which he obviously is) but because he makes you so happy.

  4. dorothy

    oh my gosh, he is grown…just like my little one, he is standing now….oh my god, these little souls are so, so precious!
    much love, d.

  5. susannah

    He really really does :-)

  6. grace

    ohhh… this is precious!!

  7. Andrea

    He’s such a cutie-pie – he’s getting so BIG! Where did that time go? Seeing his sweet face always makes me :)

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