Call of the wild

[This is a guest post from the luscious Pixie Campbell]

Creativity, for me, is synonymous with vitality. Joseph Campbell said that each of us is seeking not the meaning of life, but “an experience of being alive”. This is what being an artist means to me-it translates to embracing and opening up to life.

I feel strongly committed to trying on new ways of living to strike the magical note. Approaching my world creatively flows naturally from me because I have accepted that this is just who I am. When I look to nature for guidance, I see that the creatures do not question why they climb trees, dig for roots, sharpen their claws, or nurture their young, they simply do what their instincts direct them to. Making art and being creative is just what I’m meant to do. I can see in my own children how that begins for all of us.

I feel most me when I’m creating beauty and leaving something nicer than I found it. I don’t think I’ve ever asked myself why it is important for me to be creative. However, each day I find myself exploring ideas about how to express myself. I have a very flexible idea about what being creative is, in order to leave room for the reality that I will simply not be able to lounge around in a trance painting all afternoons.

Since employing myself as an artist, I don’t feel the tension I once did from being a repressed creative. That being said, gathering and bringing flowers inside the house, making apple cake with a mostly improvised recipe and lots of little hands involved, sitting down to draw volcanoes with the children, all of these things qualify as living creatively. Children are creative at everything they do, I don’t think they know any other way to be because everything is brand new to them every single day! And this rubs off on us creaky adults if we’ll allow it, I’ve found.

I figure that if art is solving problems, then one must only live life to be an artist. Living creatively helps me navigate through my issues, of which there never seems to be a shortage of! Each opportunity for growth can be handled inventively, and I thrive when I allow myself to sort things out using mediums in my studio, or my hands in some way.

Making art, a craft, or a piece of writing, holds the key to healing for me, as well. The energies that I bring to to the table, and the materials I choose have a way of transforming me as I mix and shape them into form. What is going on in my circumference finds a way to show up in what I create. The conscious, creative act is my ticket to connecting with myself, conversing with my inner bits, and becoming aware of what’s brewing in this passionate cauldron of a soul, and appreciating this freedom to express it all. Unexpressed, I am hungry, yearning, constipated, and a hideous grouch. I know the remedy.

Acknowledging that I am in love with expressing myself creatively has enabled me to explore the mysteries of whatever comes my way. In art, there is nothing that can’t be mined for meaning and richness, and living a creative life seems to be an intentional way to claim that for oneself.

* * * * *

Pixie Campbell is a mother and an artist who has been creating, deconstructing and re-creating her life for as long as she can remember. She paints to express the archetypes playing out in her life, and to inspire her viewers to recognize the conscious Self who feeds the children, writes the books, and makes the plans, as well as a wild Self who dances under the full moon, digs a quiet den, trusts the keen ears, and adventures beyond the tall fences of convention. Find her howling it up on her blog and in her Etsy store.

[Portrait of Pixie by Denise Andrade]

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  1. kerin rose

    oh Pixie, you already know how much I love your groove…and this…

    “I can see in my own children how that begins for all of us.”

    I teach art to littler ones part time, and I can tell you, for ALL of us this is an essential truth… the trick is honoring this aspect of who we are in life, so it doesnt go away……

  2. tammy

    so true… My kids know all too well what happens when my life line is down for too long. Then I find them next to me, setting up an easel or with paper and pencil, clay, whatever the medium at hand, its “the remedy” and all is well.

  3. journeyseeds

    pixie campbell says great upliftment…

  4. Maria

    Very nice, as usual, from Pixie. Nice blog too, Susannah … will explore it more.

  5. Lauren (VisionWise)

    Pixie needs to write a book… Love you P!

  6. wendy

    yes…a very accurate picture of the amazing creature you are, pixie. beautiful. xo

  7. Brittany

    i think it’s every womans calling to create beauty, in all its various forms! i’ve loved pixie’s work for a while now and continue to. great guest post!

  8. Angela DiGiovanni | Living Out Loud

    A ‘Repressed Creative’… I love it. Pixie, you are a word smith and a little drummer girl.

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