Snippets from my day

Registration for the spring session of Unravelling opened today and there are still a few places left if you’d like to join us :)

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  1. jodi

    lovely. all of them.

  2. Michelle

    Oh, these are beautiful. I love the shadows across the stone…pattern inspiration!

  3. bella

    Beauty-full. xo

  4. Catalina

    Lovely! Lovely pictures Susannah!


  5. EMC

    Do you do much post processing to your photos? Or use a programme like Histimatic? (I think that’s what it’s called.) They have a very distinct look and feel.

  6. susannah

    hi EMC! these were all taken with my iPhone using the Instagram app – they all have the ‘toaster’ filter on them :)

  7. Kate MacAndrew

    Stunning, simply stunning! I love how you make the ordinary look extraordinary :)

  8. gioia

    I’ve just registered today. yay!

  9. stacy

    you rock the instagram. xoxo

  10. Catherine

    I’d like these all to be framed on walls in my home :)

  11. susannah

    what a lovely thing to say – thank you!

  12. EMC

    Hey Susannah,
    Thanks for letting me know – Iphone will havet o be next on my list of purchases!

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