The countdown begins

Not long to go now, and I don’t mind admitting that I am feeling nervous. And stressed. And elated. And did I mention nervous? This book means so much to me, I just hope I am doing it justice. If only i had more time keeps popping into my head but i’ve had plenty of time — except, for most of it I was busy running my wee business and doing the hundred-and-one other things that needed to be done first. It’s only now that I am so close to the deadline that I am seeing how much more I could have done. But I’m trusting that it’s all working out as it’s supposed to, and am looking forward to working on the edits with my editor, knocking this book into shape. Polishing the chapters. Burnishing the words.

I’m so close!

Just got to keep swimming.

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  1. Sarah

    Oh hon…I am sooooo thrilled for you…just keep swimmin’ just keep swimmin’ will get there! I feel so thankful to have done your class in the begnning …sort of LOL! I am happy dancin’ for ya hon!! All so well deserved …you are brilliant!
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  2. fiona

    the child’s a genius! ;) (Not that he isn’t anyway, of course)

  3. Steph

    Sus, it happens to all of us, and I mean, ALL. There are PhD students who do the deed in four years and feel it’s too short. Others take eight, and that’s too little too. Furthermore, I am assuming it’s the first draft you’re getting done right now, yes? They’ll be lots of opportunities for you to ‘do the book justice’ as you work with your editor, it’s not like it goes to press the day after you hand it in. This is just your inner critic going GASP*YIKES*YADA*YADA.


  4. angie b

    I was feeling a little down and tired today, but after reading and looking at all of the beautiful photos made me smile.

    Thank you for that :) and do not worry, as a former unraveller I know your book will be lovely. You followed your heart and if it only helps one person won’t it be worth it?! And I believe it will help MANY of us, you included.

  5. bella

    Oh, hi beautiful! I’m gonna trust in knowing that it will all fall into place -right along with you. It’s so close now!! xxoo

  6. Catherine Denton

    How exciting!! To be so close and full of possibility.

  7. Meghan

    You are a rockstar and you CAN and WILL do this!!! So happy for you and can’t wait to have my own Susannah books!!

  8. kat

    it seems easy to give ourselves a hard time over things we think we should have done better, but i have a strong feeling that you gave it your all and it will turn out beautifully!! good luck!!

  9. tschitschi

    I guess you are right, there is no thing such as “enough time”. So it’s great that we have deadlines, otherwise we would never finish anything :)

  10. brooke

    these photos are awesome ~ seems to me like your creativity is at full flow! good luck with the burnishing and refining.

  11. meg manion silliker

    you are just amazing and lovely and over the top talented and i am so glad you are out there in the world creating moving and grooving. xo

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