Instant Love

It just occurred to me, as I’m adding the finishing touches to my own manuscript (one week to go!), that I haven’t told you the latest on our Polaroid book — we are in the design stage and we have a title!

Instant Love: How to Make Magic and Memories with Polaroids

You like? :)

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  1. Paty

    Love it Susannah!! Congratulations and many blessings. A big hug from Mexico!

  2. Sarah B.

    The title is brilliant. I do have a question concerning polaroids. Where can you find the film for the camera? It seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs and become extinct.

  3. katrina

    the title is brilliant — LOVE IT.

  4. Tina

    Like? LOVE!

  5. elizabeth

    LOVE. instantly!

  6. Diane

    I think it is absolutely perfect…

  7. Lisa

    Very much so!
    Just perfect.

  8. beth

    i actually LOVE it !!!

  9. amanda

    One more week! *Cheering from the sidelines* xx

  10. susannah

    Hi Sarah, yes, Polaroid doesn’t make film anymore, but there is a company called the Impossible Project who are!

    Impossible Project:
    my Polaroid Guide:

  11. Micheline

    After hearing a title like that, it’s impossible to imagine it with any other name.

  12. fiona

    I love, so excited!

  13. Kelly M. Wilsey

    I LOVE it, Susannah! I can’t wait to get going on my love of Polaroid fun! I have a plan to purchase a camera this spring and get started. :) Thank you for all the inspiration!

  14. Amisha

    Gorgeous! Which part of the world is this from?

  15. susannah

    This shot was taken in Marrakesh :)

  16. Esther

    I like! Very much!

  17. Cindy

    Very neat. I look forward to it.

  18. jane

    Love! Can’t wait. Go Rocky!

  19. Lesley Myrick

    YAY! So excited for you! :)

  20. Jan's camera

    I like it. Can’t wait for the new book. Best wishes.

  21. Joolz


  22. Fabeku Fatunmise

    Lovelovelove the title. And so excited to hold this fabulousness in my hands when it’s ready to roll. (p.s. One week! Go you!)

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