Some important numbers

1. Yesterday, at 5pm GMT, my nephew took his first steps! He is 11 months and eight days old.
2. In seven days I will be sending my manuscript to my editor. Am feeling a leeeetle bit stressed out.
3. Six years ago today the man I loved died from a heart attack; last year’s post said every I feel today. xo

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  1. sas

    you’ve come a long way, baby x

  2. leslie

    wow, lady… these are heady times.
    sending you a big fat squeeze :)

  3. Hannah Marcotti

    Holding space for you today and for your numbers.


  4. Mel

    I am thinking of you. Look at far you travelled. That in itself is sheer wonder and inspiration.

  5. Bénédicte Prouvost

    5 (pm) + 11 (months) + 8 (days)
    7 (days) + 1 (manuscript)
    6 (years)
    = 38

    Isn’t it your age? I guess all of those make you who you are.


  6. jane

    big love (it doesn’t have a number)

  7. Tina Tierson

    You’re amazing Susannah! And much beloved by so many!!!

  8. angie b

    Joy, sadness, and stress – all crammed into a few days time.
    We all seem to have these moments, its maddening, but strangely comforting to know we are not alone in life’s craziness.

    Wishing joy your way during the next week – and sitting here clutching an atm card waiting for a book that is a year away!

  9. Jill Kane

    *hugs* to you today :) indeed, numbers filled with emotion – the best sort of numbers, in my book at least!

    I remember reading your post from last year and just re-read it now. Beautiful, standing-in-your-truth honesty.

    A friend who has been keeping a gratitude blog for just over a year (and not repeating *any* gratitudes along the way!) posted this last night. Shared threads of truth, for certain:

    From my friend, Tammy:
    #1858 – When I am driving between 9-10pm, I’m probably listening to The Story on NPR. Tonight the first half of the show featured Aqeela Sherrill, a former gang member who is now a peacemaker. He brokered a peace agreement between the Bloods and the Crips, and is a leader in his community. I felt nourished and supported by the program.

    #1859 – By far the moment that most affected me was when Aqueela was asked about his response to his son’s murder. This is what he said,

    “In every tragedy, there is a gift…
    We have to be present
    to the pain of it
    long enough
    for the actual gift
    to arise from it.
    It wasn’t, it hasn’t been easy.
    It took everything in me
    to sit
    and to hold space
    for the gift to manifest itself.”

    -Aqeela Sherrill

  10. sperlygirl

    i lost my father suddenly and unexpectedly from a heart attack when i was 18 – i understand the hole that’s left. sending you love and light today. may the memories lift and carry you. xx s

  11. Charlane Killough Griffith

    i think it’s rather brillant where all you have been in these years. i know he would be so very proud of you, no matter if he thought it was touchy-feely or no. i think you’re rather brilliant myself. :)

  12. christine

    You have come a long way. He’s been so helping you along every step.

  13. Catherine Denton

    1. YAY!!!
    2. You’ll make it. :)
    3. I’m sorry for your loss. Your post is beautiful; the way you explain breathing it in is so poignant. You put to words what most of us can’t find a way to say. I love that you’ve emerged into a more real you and found the creativity inside.
    4. Thank you for sharing.

  14. DawnS

    Celebrating with you all the good things in your life today. It’s the “not so good” things in life that make us even more grateful for the joyous moments. We realize just how precious they are.

  15. susannah

    Thanks for sharing that, hon – really amazing words, wow

  16. susannah

    Yes I am! That’s really awesomely spooky :)

  17. boo

    Beautiful numbers, exciting numbers and numbers to balance life. Sadness always helps us appreciate our blessings – and you have many Boo xxxx

  18. Angela DiGiovanni | Living Out Loud

    Loved reading your letter from last year to the man you loved. Mostly, I love all that you learned and that you found peace with his passing. xo.

  19. Milena Widdowson

    Wow for Wobble taking his first steps;I can remember feeling awe inspired when my niece began to walk- what incredible beings children are :)I wish you strength and courage to finish your writing, I know the end result will be magical. Susannah you change so many lives through Unravelling, your book will reach out even further- another WOW! I feel for your loss my lovely, I came so close to losing my husband a few years ago due to a heart attack, I am still trying to deal with that and I was so lucky not to have to deal with loss. I think you are an inspiration and I feel honoured to have unravelled with you xxx

  20. susannah

    aw, that brought a tear my eye – thanks honey xx

  21. susannah

    :-D x

  22. Cindi Saadi

    Hi Susannah ~ I am a new “friend” who will be taking your Unravelling course in just a few weeks now. I already feel that I know you though – via your blog. I was really touched by your post and by last year’s post. I also played the Kings of Leon today in honor of your love. I too know loss as I lost my mother very young ~ yet, I feel that she is always with me. Still, I SO can’t wait to see her again. Just wanted to say I am thinking of you and also am so grateful for the creativity and energy that you have found in yourself to share! ~ Cindi

  23. Sandie Cottee

    Life is full of uncertainties but one thing is for sure – you are a survivor and something really good has come out of your awful loss and grief. You are a much stronger person and have made an impact on so many other peoples lives.
    And… you have Wobble to keep you grounded and life in perspective!
    Not many days before the pressure will be off a bit …. and a summer ahead to enjoy being an auntie. xx

  24. Roxanne/tinkerbell the bipolar faerie

    I have missed your voice, here, in these pages.

  25. leslie


  26. meg manion silliker

    that darling nephew of yours continues to walk right into your heart and help smooth out your jagged edges. i’m thinking of you love. xo

  27. lisa field-elliot

    i love you.

  28. Lynn

    1. Yay! Go baby! He has been such a ray of sunshine for you. I’m so happy for you all!
    2. Yikes! and Cool! Good luck! Everything is going to be magnificent.
    3. Your post from last year is absolutely beautiful.

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