While I was quiet, this happened

This little boy unravels me in the best possible way.

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  1. Mel

    Oh he is just the Guru of Happiness. For a moment I thought he fell asleep on the swings. Adorable.

  2. Sarah

    Oh hon…what a doll baby!! They grow so fast and totally unravel you!! Hugs to you hon, Sarah

  3. Sandie Cottee

    Gosh… Wiggle is growing so fast. You’ll have so much fun with him this summer – he’ll he chasing YOU!!

  4. Catherine Denton

    oh my GOSH, he is adorable!!

  5. Catalina




    so refreshing, wise and beautiful!

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you little Guru!

  6. kelly Nolan

    oh my! Gosh he is growing fast. I’m not use to seeing him with long (ish) hair!

  7. Jakki

    if that doesnt make ya happy….something is wrong! what a laugh he has!

  8. Jenn

    Oh, what a gorgeous smile the wee one has! Noah = ♥

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