And then he was one

Can you believe it?
We had such a wonderful birthday weekend for our little man, it was really hard coming home this morning.
REALLY hard.
We don’t call him Wobble anymore — he really is Noah, now. He’s becoming his own little man.
He loves broccoli and carrots, and feeding himself, and he especially loves his Nana.
Yesterday morning we were playing in the living room when he took his first steps to me, and i swear, my heart exploded with pride, right there, as I sat on the floor and he collapsed into my lap, laughing his head off.
These are the best days.
The best.

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  1. vivienne

    from one auntie to another….it really is the best.

    i happen to be with my lil’ nephew at the moment and it is pretty much bliss when he says ‘vvviivvvv’.

    and noah truly is downright adorable!

  2. Tina

    How fast the year went by! What a lucky little boy to have a lovely birthday celebration surrouded by the family that loves him! Please send him great big birthday hugs from Vancouver, Washington!

  3. Rebekah

    Can I come over and have those snacks? The iced cookies look great. Happy Birthday Noah!

  4. Lynne

    Hard to imagine him not being here, right? How quickly they swoop in and take our hearts. Beautiful boy.

  5. Jan's camera

    I’m an auntie too. Yes, these are the best days. I love the photo of Noah eating the sandwich. So cute. Happy Birthday Noah.

  6. Zarina Ávila

    It’s amazing that this beautiful little and take a year. I congratulate them all: mom, proud grandmother and aunt. My little Sarah is 8 months old and is an amazing princess. Encatría that I could meet Noah. Me too unbelievable to me how big and beautiful it is. I invite you to meet her in

  7. bella

    what a cutie! it’s amazing how he went from little baby to adorable toddler so quickly. he is loved, that is for sure. xo

  8. kathleen

    Happy Birthday Noah! You have touched so many lives in your first year, and made so many people smile!!
    Have fun being One!

  9. wakako

    happy one year to the beautiful auntie-hood. it’s so amazing to witness such a miracle, isn’t it?

  10. boo

    truly blessed days!

  11. Arabella

    OH MY GOODNESS. Is it wrong that I am totally captivated by the first photograph…and the ICED GEMS!!?? I have lived in the US for too long. I had totally forgotten about them. The crunchy part on the top that I used to take off as a kid and eat…and leave the biscuit. And those pink iced rings…eek…I can’t even remember what they are called. I think I’m homesick.

    But back to the point of your post…which isn’t the food…how lovely. How wonderful to have such a sweet boy to love and cuddle. And I’m so glad you are soaking up every moment. It is very special when they start to grow into their name and their person. xo

  12. susannah

    Not wrong at all! we went back the next day and bought more Iced Gems – they are delish! total trip down memory lane :)

  13. fiona

    Love the picture with one shoe and the Merry Christmas bib ;) He looks like a little boy, so unbabyish!

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