Fifty thousand words

Sweat and tears.
Late nights.
Elbow grease.
Panic and nightmares.
Too many memories.
Three jars of Nutella.
Endless mugs of coffee.
One awesome nephew.
Two Polaroid cameras.
Ten packs of film.
77 photographs.
50,280 words.
One book DONE.

(until the edits begin :)

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  1. Sarah B.

    Congratulations! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold one:)

  2. brooke

    Haha! That video clip was great.

    And…only 3 jars of Nutella? You’re a stronger soul than I. :)

    Congratulations on finishing! ~~ Soak in the realization. Life is about moments like this.

  3. alicia bock

    Susannah! I am so proud of you.I hope you are celebrating all weekend long…
    p.s. I think you showed incredible restraint with the Nutella!) xoxo- A.

  4. lisa field-elliot

    one friend who thinks you are all that and so much more. proud of you. brava.

  5. katrina

    yipppeee — congratulations, susannah!! :D

  6. Roxanne/tinkerbell the bipolar faerie

    Proud of you. You inspire!

  7. ramona

    well done.

  8. Helen Bottomley

    Yeay, congratulations. Have a great weekend celebrating.

  9. Neil


  10. Rhianne

    I can’t wait to read it already! Hurray!

    I was going to say only 3 jars of nutella too but someone else already mentioned that lol x

  11. Tina

    Yay Sweetie! I can only imagine how you feel right now, bask in it! You DID it! You ROCK! So proud for you. xo.

  12. shauiegirl

    awesome! u r my hero…..

  13. Heather

    woooo hooo! that is awesome. Congrats we can not wait to soak in your wisdom and share the journey with you. Now go do something that totally feels like a celebration for the amazing things you have done!

  14. Tina

    Congratulations! How incredible! I can’t wait to read it! (Do celebrate somehow – you totally deserve it!)

  15. Jenn Gibson

    I am so crazy proud of you, woman. You are amazing.


    PS. When can I pre-order my copy? No. Really, when?

  16. kathleen

    Congratulations! What a great feeling that must be :-)

  17. Marisa Anne

    congratulations big sis! you did it!!!!!!

  18. leoniewise

    F’!n awesome. You are so brave and so totally amazing. I can’t wait to hold it in my hands


  19. Ellie

    Yey! You are incredible! So looking forward to taking it off the shelf in a lovely bookshop somewhere.

  20. Veronika

    Well done you! :) I’m so looking forward to getting my hands on your book. Let us know if you’re planning to do any book promotions, I live in neighbouring Bristol and would love to come along for that :)

  21. barbara

    Sooo happy for you!!! CONGRATS!!! Hope you´ll be able to rest for someime soon. xxx

  22. Joolz Benner

    yeah!! so happy for you :) congratulations. have a wonderful weekend. xx

  23. fiona

    Woohoo!! Have a great time celebrating :)

  24. liz

    you are: the cat’s pyjamas, with a side of the bees knees, and what about that tower of piza, what about that tower, she ain’t got nothing on you. x

  25. Melanie Tinken

    You are an inspiration. Congratulations! Well Done!

  26. amelia Critchlow

    well done you. Hope you are keeping well :)


  27. Jan's camera

    Wonderful news. That is quite an accomplishment. Now you can relax and enjoy the little guy.

  28. Catalina

    :) Congratulations! you are AMAZING! rest a little, spoil yourself, go to see your nephew, sleep, eta well, be happy! :)


  29. Marianne


  30. Danielle

    Wow! Congrats! Nutella seems like a wonderful treat & goes well with all that coffee I imagine. :)

  31. gina

    you totally rock!!!!

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