New film, new possibilities

This week I took some time out to test the latest colour film from the Impossible Project, and as you can see, it’s not too shabby! Their PX680 film is designed for 600 and 680 cameras, but I tested it in my SX-70 and it responded very much like the original Polaroid 600 film. The guys at TIP say the white speckles will be gone in the final version of the film, although i personally find them rather charming. The colours are SO MUCH better than the previous films they’ve produced. The team have made such incredible progress in just a year, it makes me excited to see where they’ll be in 2012 when our Polaroid book comes out — can you imagine it? You’ll be able to buy the book AND invest in a couple of packs of really fantastic TIP film to practice with! Jen, Amanda and I have been toying with the idea of leading a Polaroid retreat next year — would anyone be interested in joining us for that? We’d hold it somewhere lovely (thinking USA or Morocco) and we’d share how we take our shots and practice the art of Polaroid photography — it’ll be like the book coming to life before your very eyes. ;)

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  1. Meg

    I wish they would release two “editions” of the film, those specked are one of my favorite parts of the film! They add so much character (and romance!), but I could see how people would want the film without (sob).

    Anyway, these images are great. I’m really looking forward to the book, and I’d love to attend the retreat (I love how I’m acting like it’s already official), I hope you decide on the US :)


  2. christine

    A polaroid retreat would be wonderful. Have it somewhere exotic with lots of colors.

  3. brooke

    Wow, Morocco would be amazing! I would come for sure.

    I eventually want to try the new 680 film ~ tis sold out over here right now. The colors look great: like the 600 but enhanced. I love the teals. :)

  4. Catherine Just Seiner

    Ohhhhh tempt me with a retreat and polaroid love? YES!
    And that photo at the end of this post with that doll! She is killing me. Congrats on all you have happening and all you are manifesting! xoxox*c p.s. your podcast is AMAZING! I’m taking notes and thinking of my own e-courses. And getting overwhelmed and remembering…breathe!

  5. Amy

    VERY exciting!!! They are doing amazing work and are helping a lot of artists and teachers who specialize in such processes~ Your book w this film AND a possible retreat is a photo trifecta! I’m in!

  6. Shanon

    Yay! Looks so fabulous! Film is not dead. =)

  7. Meghan @ Life Refocsed

    I’d be first in line for an in-person polaroid retreat with you, Jen, and Amanda. *love* Maybe an excuse for you to get back to NYC!! Love these test shots. Are you using a filter or just darkening on your dial? xoxo

  8. Charlane Killough Griffith

    the color i’ve been seeing from the film is gorgeous

  9. rebecca

    yes! i would be completely interested in a polariod retreat!

  10. ginger

    i would absolutely be into that retreat if it were in the US!

  11. Brandi Marie Little

    Polaroid retreat?! Umm yes please!! *swoon*

  12. Prisha Brown

    Love the quality of these photos Susannah! I would love to go to Morocco with you and take poloaroids. Keep me posted ;-) So nostalgic looking, brings back great memories. I have always wanted to take a travel art journaling class or retreat and this would be along those lines.

  13. Prisha Brown

    oops! Polaroids ;-)

  14. Esmerald

    Polaroid retreat in Morocco? Please count me in! I’m loving your polaroid photos, and would like nothing better than a chance to practice with the artists :)

  15. Leovi

    I love the beautiful tones you have achieved in these flowers, exquisite, deliciously attractive. Really beautiful.

  16. Whitney

    Polaroid retreat? Yes, please!

  17. Kim

    Beautiful images!! I too would love a retreat, and could probably make it happen if it was in the US.

  18. cori

    ohmygosh a polaroid retreat!!! i vote for portland!

  19. Bria

    You, Jen, and Amanda + Polaroids + Travel will make for one VERY happy Me. And Morocco? Just make sure you announce the date a year in advance so I can save up! hehe
    These photos are beautiful! I haven’t tried this film yet but I can’t wait to get my hands on some.

  20. Ashley

    I would absolutely be interested in a polaroid retreat with you lovely ladies! Just have to hope I have the money to go! *crosses fingers*

  21. laura lukos

    Oh, retreat in Morocco pleas!! :) I will come!

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