The magic of Marrakesh

Thank you for all your comments and emails about Blogging from the Heart — I am so fired up and ready to start weaving this tapestry for you! Today, however, i will be resting on the sofa, as I just got back from a few days with my nephew and now have another cold — a lot of bugs and viruses get passed around the nursery, huh? Poor Noah is always poorly, as are his mummy & daddy, his nana, and now his auntie! But it was worth it — it’s always worth it when it comes to that tiny ray of sunshine. I have some new Polaroids of him I can’t wait to share with you :) In the meantime, here are some Polas from my trip to Marrakesh last year. I had to keep so my shots for the book I wasn’t able to share them here, but now the books are ostensibly done, I can share the rejects at last…. more soon!

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  1. fiona

    These are great. The men in the spice shop made me smile.

  2. Charlane Killough Griffith

    hope you’re (and all of your family) feeling better soon!

  3. Marcela

    How nice. I look forward to seeing more of your photos- and to reading your book!

    I visited Marrakesh in 2006, and I have some really magical memories from that trip. We traveled during Ramadan, which makes the city calmer (the streets are less crowded during the day), and stayed in a lovely Riad hotel in the centre of the medina, which had a beautiful terrace. We sometimes had dinner there, surrounded by the voice of the muezzin singing the “appel à la prière”, and every morning we would be woken up before dawn by a similar sound (because during Ramadan, the first call is for people to eat before the sun rises). One morning, though, this last chant was different, I don’t know why. The morning before leaving Marrakech, the muezzin chanted one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. It was not really a song, it was more like a lament. I do not understand a word of arabic so I have no idea what he was saying, but I remember lying in bed with my head on the pillow, watching the moon through the window of our room, moved by the chant’s beauty …

    As for ways to solve the nursery bug problem, what worked for my babies (they twins and are 2 1/2 years old) was a probiotic called IMGALT from a french lab (Jaldes). It worked wonders, it really boosted their immune system and this last winter was a breeze. I just thought I would mention it in case it can help your adorable nephew!

    Have a nice week!

  4. boo

    I love the colours in these shots – and all the atmosphere you’ve captured! Hope you are well soon!

  5. Amisha

    Oh Gosh- gorgeous, gorgeous pictures! And that soft light effect makes the pictures stay with you – I won’t use the word haunt cause that sounds sad but how about “happy haunts”?

  6. Catherine Denton

    These are gorgeous! I’m a sucker for photos of doors.
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  7. amelia Critchlow

    so beautiful! Gosh, I could do with a holiday, but I have my next art e-course coming up so it’s all systems go yet after that I too am hoping to go somewhere warm and will take my camera too (might even buy some film finally and get the polaroid back out!)

    Good luck with your new project.


  8. Betty Thompson

    Susannah–– if these beauties were considered the rejects I can hardly wait to open & turn thru the pages! I hope your feeling well soon!

  9. Nic

    I am so excited for blogging from the heart – loved unravelling and the new e-course sounds like exactly what I need at the moment.

    Hope you are feelings better soon.

  10. brooke

    These are beauties! I’m glad we got to see more of your trip. :)

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