A new look… and the big reveal

Pastis, NYC

If you’ve stopped by this blog any time in the last 24 hours you’ll have seen the changes. Jo and I have given the site a mini facelift and I’m loving it! Over in the sidebar there’s a few extra bells and whistles, including a search bar (finally!), links to the Polaroid guide and the Aquarian Twins podcast and, more controversially, a photograph of me. This, I must admit, feels a bit weird — I haven’t had my mug on the homepage like this in years, but it’s all part of me embracing my author-y future *gulp*, and while I can’t imagine I’ll ever have a corporate-looking site, I realise that as my name’s on the door it makes sense to have a prominent pic too (shot on Impossible Project film, fact fans :).

However, the biggest change is up there in the header, where we’ve included a sorta-kinda subtitle for the blog, which just so happens to be the subtitle for my book, too. So this is me officially announcing that the name of my book is:

This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart

When the book comes out ‘unraveling’ will have one L and not two, as my publisher is in America, so American-English is the norm. And to my English eyes it looks odd, but then again, it embraces the fact that the community I belong to — here on the blog, on Twitter/Facebook, in my Unravelling classes — is global, so it doesn’t matter whether it’s Unravelling or Unraveling, the truth behind the word is the same.

So there you go — the title.

I’ve been feeling so nervous about sharing it here! It feels so final, so real, so oh-shit-this-is-really-happening. It’s exciting. And really scary, too.

I hope you like it. x


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  1. Monica

    Congratulations Susannah!! Huge Frickin Deal! LOVE it!!

  2. Hillary Sloss

    so happy for you, susannah! love the new look and font up above, love your photo, and love the book title! brava sister!
    xhillary (two Ls)

  3. Eadaoin

    Love the new look Susanna, you look gorgeous up there in the corner. And how exciting to reveal your book title, can’t wait until it hits the shelves!! :)

  4. Christianne

    The mini-facelift is GORGEOUS! I love it. Hooray for you!

  5. Zarina Ávila

    Your blog is amazing !!! Congratulation!!

  6. barbara


  7. Tina

    Love it, love it all!!! Congrats on the new look, the beautiful photo and the book! You wrote a BOOK! So awesome! xo.

  8. karen d

    looking good Susannah… and the title is really quite perfect..love it..
    congrats and hugs
    Karen D

  9. Paty

    Dear Susannah, congratulations!

    I look forward to read the book and to continue enjoying the blog and the classes with you.

    You deserve all the love and success.

    A big hug from Mexico.


  10. Jennifer Louden

    that is a best-selling title and I know these things so get ready friend!

  11. bella

    :) I love it ~ The book title (wow!) and the blog-lift.
    Cannot wait to hold it in my hands. xxoo

  12. Holly

    Susannah! I love seeing your beautiful face on your homepage and I’m so so happy for you about your new book. The title is lovely – it made me smile when I read it. It is just perfect. I can’t wait to hold your book in my hands!

  13. Denaz

    Susannah thank you for always sharing your fears and joys in such an authentic way – I absolutely love being on this journey of growth with you it has slowly helped me embark on my own path searching for truths and for that I thank you with all my heart. love and blessings D xxx

  14. Aggie Armstrong

    Congratulations, Susannah! Just lovely!

  15. Marjory

    Just beauty full!!! Congrats Susannah!

  16. Tina Tierson

    It’s wonderful Susannah – the blog update and the book title! Oh, I just can’t wait to read it!!! Congratulations! You’re an inspiration! xoxo

  17. Bria

    All the changes you’ve made to the blog are beautiful! (and are really inspiring me to get my act together and give my blog world a new face!) And I LOVE your book title. I can’t wait to snag a copy and finally meet you at a book signing in CA. :-)

  18. Jill Kane

    Love it! So excited for you (and us, your readers :) Rock it, sista!

  19. kathleen

    Beautiful! ..in every way xo

  20. Debra

    As a Commonwealth sister I will miss the second “l” but I’ll be among the first in line to buy your book next spring. The site is lovely and it’s nice to see your gorgeous face up there. xo

  21. jane

    It’s perfect! Can not wait to read it! So excited for you Susannah! So much blood sweat and tears. What an accomplishment!

  22. Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

    LOVE that title! :)

  23. Christine

    The blog looks great and I love the book title. I’ve always like your use of “unravelling’ – it always evokes this image of a huge ball of thread, all twisted and tight, unspooling and becoming a million smooth lines of colour. It’s a lovely image, and for me, that’s precisely what it feels like to go from suffering to wellness.
    Congrats on all these good changes – I’m very much looking forward to seeing your book on my shelf : )

  24. susannah

    Christine, i love that description – perfect! x

  25. Fabeku


    And I can’t wait to hold a copy in my hands + see the magics with my own two eyes.

    So excited for you.

  26. sandie

    Hi Susannah! Love the new look, your photoo, and the title of your book!! Exciting times ahead! Can’t wait for your book to be released…

  27. Marianne

    I’m SO fricken excited for you Susannah. The site looks hot, which is a good thing because this book is going to be huge. x

  28. Reena

    Just discovered you but do love the look. Congrats on the book and I look forward to more!

  29. jane (faerian)

    congratulations lovely Susannah – the reason you have to give up the second l in unravelling is because you are officially Lovely Susannah in my head and so the l is required for that title (just thought you would like to know) – new blog look is awesome, of course x

  30. echo

    I can’t wait until your book comes out! The site looks grand, and the picture of you is lovely (of course – no worries there).

  31. Rae

    Looking forwards to the day I become a proud owner of your book ….

  32. Liz C.

    LOVE it!!! So excited for you (and for me, when I finally get to read your book)!!

  33. Jesa

    I am looking forward to owning your book the mi ute it is available. Congratulations on the new blog loom.

  34. stacy

    Beautiful! All of it. xoxo

  35. Joolz Benner


  36. Maura

    Looks great!

  37. Kim Mills

    Love the title, love your blog and the new look. Congratulations!

  38. Graciel

    YOU are my heroine.


  39. Meghan @ Life Refocused

    Congrats, Sus. CANNOT wait for the book. xo

  40. Angie

    Have you considered writing unravellling with three L’s – keep everyone happy! :)
    Seriously though, nobody could have worked harder or been more devoted to their subject matter than you and you deserve all the success I know is waiting for you round the corner.

  41. Christine

    love it….congrats I can’t wait to get my hands on your book.

  42. Nicky

    Hello Susannah. Just discovered your blog yesterday and…what a find! I am so happy to have found you. Love what you say and how you say it. I am slightly annoyed that I just missed your course, but will try to sign in for autumn. Can’t wait!

  43. Boo Marshall

    Perfect title!! Love it xx

  44. Rhianne

    it looks fantastic Susannah and I can’t wait for your book :)

  45. Coastal Jan

    How exciting! Congratulations on the book and the new look. Super enjoy your blog.

  46. Linni

    it is not for us to like the title of your book…the only person that needs to LOVE it, is YOU! (everybody else will too…)

    it is amazing…your book! you! how far YOU have come.. i’m sooo proud of you xx

  47. Helen

    This I know….
    Is just perfect..love it, totally sums up the Unravelling thing for me. You’ve nailed it.
    Can’t wait to see the book xx

  48. Meg Manion Silliker

    i hate that i am so far behind on your blog – i am playing catch up this evening! i adore the title of your book – it’s perfection and so you. lovely through and through. and the blog looks wonderful, fresh and hip and seeing your beautiful smile is just the right touch. xo

  49. Randi

    Oh, I hope you are relishing this. Congratulations on your twins! Two books. Wow!

    And I want to acknowledge that you put your photo up on the page. I’m so glad you did. Not only gorgeous but inspiring. Love.

  50. zainab Waggie

    Awesome book title. Love it!

  51. Genevieve Luna

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the title. It’s perfect.

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