Our little man

Noah and his hat
This post is really for my mum. She rang me this afternoon, just to check in, but her first words were: ‘you haven’t blogged!’ which is our new code for ‘are you okay?’ And as I told her, I am okay, just haven’t had much to say this week after the heady-thinkiness of the last two posts. I’ve been feeling quiet and have withdrawn into myself a little, and didn’t want to throw a blog post up for the sake of it. You know the ones I mean :)

I recently scanned these shots of our sweet boy. MAN, do I miss him. I’m literally counting down the day till i am back chasing him around the garden.

Blondie Bear, i miss you!

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  1. Tia Sparkles Singh

    These pics always soother my soul :)

  2. Tia Sparkles Singh

    Soothe, no “r” .. lol

  3. Lauren (VisionWise)

    Hi Susannah… Your nephew and your love for him is adorable. I know the feeling of wanting to recoil after so much expression… I hope you find that balance and feel good today… I hold that space for you to go to your extremes… We all need that flexibility. Peace and blessings to you, LL

  4. sandie

    Susannah… your blog warmed me, as it often does. Noah is one lucky little man to have you as his aunt, and your photos are stunning.
    Sometimes it is good to take time to ponder or pause, especially when you have given so much of yourself. It makes me think of the seasons, when a plant puts its all into growth, then comes a dormant period before it springs back to life with renewed energy and strength. Thinking of you x

  5. Amber

    He’s beautiful! Such a precious little guy :)

  6. Diana

    *happy sigh* Nephews (and nieces) are such a gift.

  7. Meg Manion Silliker

    oh wow! he’s dreamy. xo

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