Why my nephew is my teacher

He’s been walking for two weeks now. Walking in his wobbly drunken way.

When we fall down we get up again — it’s one of the lessons we remind ourselves of, when stuff happens that doesn’t feel so good — but when you watch a baby toddler do it over and over again, something deep in your bones wakes up and it’s as if there has never been a more obvious and intuitive lesson than this.

When Noah falls down he laughs and gets up again. He does it over and over again and he never gives up.

When he sees something he wants, whether it’s the cat’s food bowl or his favourite toy, he puts his whole being into acquiring it; he doesn’t waste any time wondering if he deserves it.

Everything is a toy to Noah. Everything is fun. Everything is a joy to taste, touch, hear, see.

He loves cucumber chunks. And soggy Rice Krispies. And sipping tea from his nana’s mug.

He likes to sit in the flower beds and crumble the soil in his hands; he passed me the smallest leaves he found.

I love seeing the world through his eyes.

He is my teacher.

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  1. Fabeku

    So beautiful. So true.

    The video made me tear-ey. And when he laughed, I laughed.

    Big magics. Good schtuffs.

    Thanks, sweet friend.

    I needed this today.

  2. Katherine

    Love this…”He doesn’t waste any time wondering if he deserves it.” So awesomely true.

    And does his tee say “raised” by wolves? Adorable!

  3. jane (faerian)

    so utterly loving and beautiful and true <3

  4. Christianne

    Thank you. I really needed to watch that video today. xoxo

  5. kat

    babies/toddlers are aaaammmazzzing teachers!! Even my teenagers still teach me a thing or two!!

    …and by the way your nephew is soooo adorable…he has your eyes!!

  6. grace

    precious, lovely, so simply true!

  7. Diane

    That little video put a HUGE smile on my face! I love how much you love him. So beautiful.

  8. Tracy

    I love this shift in perspective….
    I needed this today, thanks;)

  9. Reena

    Love all the women in the photo with Noah!

  10. Melissa Jaine

    Gorgeous words Susannah (and gorgeous boy!).

    The ‘deserve’ thing is huge. A recently heard line:
    “Deserve? Do we deserve things? Bad things happen to good people every day, did they deserve it? You work out what you want and you do what you need to do to get it.”

    (wondering if I should confess where I heard this line … “The Bold & The Beautiful” haha. Lessons come from the most unexpected places sometimes.)

  11. Lis

    love that family shot! He has you all in the palm of his wee chubby hand … and he knows it!

  12. Joan

    Love the family portrait. Beautiful.

  13. Catherine

    Some babies walk early, and fall lots, and laugh and get up again. And some are slower and more cautious, and more likely to cry when they fall, and then take a while before they try again. But that’s all right, too. They all learn to walk eventually.

  14. Clare

    Pic #3 is gorgeous. So much love. Just beautiful.

  15. Nicole | Blue Bicicletta

    what a great lesson—one I need to be reminded of all the time!

  16. Annie

    What a little love he is! How wonderful that you two get to spend such quality time together. And you’re right, children are brilliant in their wisdom.

  17. traci

    I’ve never met another soul who gets this auntie business so well!

  18. Rhianne

    he looks so happy when hes walking :) and I love that last photo.

    amazing post!

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