Mung beans, lentils and toast

The Californian Mung bean and her sweet daughter, the Lentil, came to visit today and there were only two Bath landmarks they wanted to visit: The Roman Baths and the Crescent Jamie’s Italian and Toast. So it was my very great pleasure to share a ridiculously delish lunch with them before I nipped back home to my editing and they went in search of coffee and cake. Love yous guys!

4 responses
  1. andrea

    oh i want to go to toast so badly! definitely a must-visit landmark :)

  2. elizabeth

    my heart just swelled– squeeeeee!

  3. Alex

    That is a beautiful photo of the pretty Lentil! And I’m glad you had such a lovely break from editing. xo

  4. Pearl

    I love LOVE all those books!
    You have a darling blog!


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