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I’m about to dive into three weeks of solid manuscript editing, so this week I took it a bit easier than usual, catching up with friends, finally getting my hair cut and taking my laptop to a cafe to test out the whole writer-in-a-coffee-shop cliche — turns out it’s a bit too noisy for me, so my new dream is to launch a chain of cafes especially for writers, that serve amazing coffee and delicious lunches in absolute silence — can you imagine?!

In other news, look what arrived in the post this morning:

A sample pack of our Pretty Polaroid Notes from Chronicle Books! There are 20 different images on the cards, a mix of shots by me, Jen and Amanda. As far as I know the packs will be sold exclusively in Urban Outfitters at first, though when that will be I don’t know… soonish, i should think. It was very exciting opening the package this morning, as the book writing-editing-making process takes so long, it was nice to finally see the fruit of some of our labours  :)

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  1. Tina Francis

    “My new dream is to launch a chain of cafes especially for writers, that serve amazing coffee and delicious lunches in absolute silence — can you imagine?!”

    No I can’t imagine! I’ve tried the coffee-shop writing thing too and it doesn’t work for me! It IS too loud and I’m a people watching junkie!

    But hello: Library + Food? Yeah, that’s my happy place.

    So excited that the Pretty Polaroid Notes will be sold exclusively in Urban Outfitters. xoxo

  2. Lauren (VisionWise)

    What a cool idea… :) I’m glad you got to see your works come together so beautifully… How exciting to sell at such a big store too. xx

  3. EMC

    Congratulations! Must be so exciting. I’ll look out for the packs in Urban Outfitters – I’ll be (almost) as excited as if they were mine!
    Agree totally with the silent writers cafe idea…let me know when it’s up and running!

  4. Jennifer

    Congrats on the Polaroid note cards…they look beautiful. Can’t wait to buy me some at Urban Outfitters…hopefully they’ll be coming out soon! :-)

  5. nolitawanders

    love the tone of this post! x

  6. Jill Kane

    Seeing the new card line has put a big smile on my face – as I’ve had a “crap-tastic” week ;) Can’t wait to pick up a box at UO! Love your idea about a coffee shop rooted in silence, too. Much needed! Cheers to you sweets, xoxo

  7. Alexis Zinkerman

    If you are writing this week, then I will not bother you friend. It will be hard but I know you must have discipline.

  8. bella

    So exciting! The cards are beautiful. xo

  9. elizabeth

    omg!! those cards are amazing—- love love love– can’t wait to get my mitts on’em–xo, E

  10. Roxanne

    I love the idea of a cafe for writers. The polaroid notes are lovely. Happy editing …

  11. Kaileen Elise

    Congrats on Polaroid Notes! I am so excited to pick them up at Urban Outfitters :) So exciting!!

  12. Paty

    That’s such a great idea Susannah! I would love to go there.

    Congratulations on the Polaroid notes, they look beautiful. Please let us know when UO start selling them.

    A big hug from Mexico

  13. Marianne

    Oh my. I’m am SO excited for you. And so glad that you gave yourself some time, space and treats this week in preparation for another long haul of editing. I’ll be sending love from my very noisy taqueria. xx

  14. Alicia

    Okay, I am going to keep checking Urban Outfitters for the notes! Exciting stuff!

    @Tina: I am going to try the library + food idea for my writing. I just feel like I am in a social atmosphere when I am at cafes! So had to focus! Thanks for this tip!


  15. Amisha

    Oooooh the postcards look so cool! And that food image at the top is making me hungry.

    Feeling more alive than I felt in a week, I seem to be winning the battle against the cold finally, so I wanted to stop by and thank you for the interview!

  16. Katja

    A cafe for writers where you can enjoy great tea & coffee, yummy cake or a fresh salad in silence?


    So good to read that I’m not the only one who can’t get anything done in noisy places …

  17. laurie b

    those cards look so fun – i will have to go get them when they come in. and let me know when you get your writers’ cafe going so i can become a customer – sounds wonderful!

  18. Nina

    Are non-writers allowed in if they also have silent work to do, e.g. copying out music or knitting? If so, great idea! But there will have to be a regular table-wiping regime so I don’t get crumbs on either my music or my knitting :-)

  19. Angela Vular

    The cards look fantastic! Congrats! I went on line and checked Urban Outfitters to see if the cards are available. They do have a set but I don’t know if they are yours. My son works next door to UO in Pittsburgh so I think I’ll have him check for me…..can’t wait to buy a set. I am so excited for you!

  20. susannah

    absolutely — all silent workers are welcome! :D

  21. susannah

    aw, thank you Angela — as soon as I know when they’ll be in the shops i’ll let you guys know :) x

  22. Susan Bonaci

    Like others who have commented – a cafe for writers sounds perfect! It’s such a fine balance to find a quiet cafe that serves great coffee and the owners don’t mind you taking up a table for a couple of hours. I often settle for the less than perfect coffee in favour of quiet surrounds.
    Exciting news about the polaroid cards too!

  23. Yeti

    To echo many others…OMG soooo exciting! I’d frequent you Silent Cafe too :)


  24. Yeti

    I meant YOUR Silent Cafe…Typo’s occuring as I am currently surrounded by noise at the moment, so can you conjure up this wondrous place to work in a jiffy, hehe!

  25. Alexis

    I ordered Pretty Polaroid Notes off Amazon. When it comes, I will write two notes one thank you and one get well note. The rest I will use to decorate with. Hang them from closepins on a pretty background.

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