Something for the weekend

If you’re planning a trip to Bath, make sure you visit the Makery (they have an online shop too)

This is an issue close to my heart: Link with Love

Watch this: the Three As of Awesome

Click the squares

Watch this video, and then buy the book (I did)

Fantastic article: SX-70: The Art and Science of the Nearly Impossible

Conan O’Brien’s commencement address to Dartmouth

Our Pretty Polaroid notecards are now available for pre-order on!

This is a very sexy photograph

I’m not much of a crafter, but i love this new magazine (and it’s made in Bath — check out the shots of the city in their cute video)

Tara Gentile always impresses me — her new guide*, The Art of Earning, is wise and timely (and you can set your own price)

I want an avocado milkshake (also: 50 healthy ten-minute meals)

Samuel L Jackson reading an alternative bedtime story

I have a thing about foxes

Fantastic video: Behind the scenes at the Impossible Project factory

I’m a contributor to Amanda’s inspiring & life-affirming new ebook*, Regiving: the Gifts of Kindness & Laughter

Display your Instagram photos on the web (here’s mine)

This Polaroid makes me happy (related: snorkelers + sharks)

I’m in a book! Art Saves by Jenny Doh

I wish I’d been there

Have you met the amazing Bridget Pilloud?

Holy cow — artificial life created

And last but not least, my mate Sas is getting married tomorrow!!

[all photos shot at The Makery Emporium with my trusty iPhone]

* these two are affiliate links because I believe in them :)

3 responses
  1. Clare Mulvany

    Hi Susannah-

    Thanks for sharing these.
    The Makery looks fantastic… and wishing it was just on my own doorstep. I am particularly fond of their bunting in the window!

  2. Christina Rosalie

    Oh the abundance of lovely things you’ve linked to here. Especially thank you for posting Tara’s The Art Of Earning. A much needed read.

    Hoping editing is going well for you! xo

  3. Clare

    Susannah! I have a thing about foxes too! I saw my first one a few weeks ago and was woken up to a terrifying noise one night to be told later it was a fox. Facinating!

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