Things I want to remember

Standing in my sister’s kitchen, watching Noah rifle through the basket holding his snacks. He pulls out a packet of carrot crisps, holds them up to me and says ‘yeah?’ clear as a bell. This is the first time he has asked me a queston using words — i am unable to resist the cuteness. He gets the crisps.

His pretend sneezes melt my heart every.time.

He now knows how to turn around so he gets dizzy and falls down on his bottom.

If you show him your bare tummy he will zerbert you (blows a raspberry on your skin)

He says ‘buh-bye’ and waves. He also says ‘da-da’, ‘ba-ba’ (we think this is mama) and ‘uh oh’ when something drops on the floor — this last one is the cutest.

He dances!

On Saturday afternoon we walked up the road to meet the piglets — they seemed to be instinctively attracted to Noah; even the mummy pigs seemed to sense that he was a little. As we walked back through the field with the sheep, we commented on all the poo on the grass… I said poo, Abby said poo, Steve said poo… and then Noah said poo :)

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  1. Victoria

    So handsome! I love your Noah posts — they make me teary in the best way.

  2. Jadyn

    He’s such a handsome little dude…Susannah, you are positively glowing in those photos of you two together. I can’t help but wonder how it must feel, since my sister is pregnant with her first and I can’t wait for that moment of holding the little one for the first time.
    Thanks for sharing these precious moments with us.

  3. wakako

    oh absolutely amazing little milestones. Go little (big) Noah!

  4. kathleen

    Sooo cute!..he’s at the BEST age! (well every age is the best age, but he’s at the cutest age…) when communication and discovery are opening up a whole new world for him and all the people around him. Have fun!

  5. Jan's camera

    Hi, he is so beautiful. You will have wonderful memories. My eldest nephew is now in his 30’s and has 4 little ones of his own. My youngest nephew is 10 and I am enjoying every last year of his childhood. I can’t thank my siblings enough for all the joy they have given me.

  6. Roxanne


  7. Alexa Christensen

    Being an Aunty is the best job in the world! I know exactly the feelings you are talking about – I am super proud of my smart little 3 year old nephew.

    Jadyn, you will absolutely love it!

  8. susannah

    Being an auntie has blown my mind and my heart too — you’re going to love it, hon :)

  9. Chantelle {fat mum slim}


    And that little gap in his front teeth. You’ll never want to forget how impossibly cute that is. I’m so glad I have my blog, otherwise I might not have remembered. x

  10. Anna

    Those milestones are as amazing as if they had never been achieved by any baby ever aren’t they?! He’s very gorgeous.

  11. Katrina

    Aww what a lovely read! I’m glad to have round your blog on my recommended sources =)

  12. Ruth

    He is so cute. :) And pretend sneezes are the best! My daughter makes them when she’s happy about something.

  13. Renee Howell

    Well, these are just the cutest! and so is the story!

  14. Lisa

    He is growing so fast Susannah!
    What an adorable little one!

  15. susannah

    hee! yes, that’s what it feels like, also because he is the first baby i have been so close to :)

  16. Alicia

    Aww, do they make that amazing suspender-Tshirt in grown up sizes! Love it!

  17. kelly Nolan

    Dances?! Video, please.

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