Something for the weekend

What your favourite 80s bands say about you (via Gala Darling)

The cuteness of Flow magazine’s website (and check out their free downloads)

Made me laugh: This is how Michael Caine speaks

Found this rather encouraging: 10 myths about introverts

Go Allison! You are beautiful

It’s not cheap but it’s on my wish list: the iPhone SLR mount

Speaking of iPhones, don’t have one but like the look of the Instagram filters? Some clever dude has made Instagram look-a-likie Photoshop actions you can download for free

See also: 45 free Photoshop actions to download

I wish i could be there! The Diner en Blanc comes to NYC

Check out these WordPress themes by my very talented web designer, Jo Klima!

Watched this film and was underwhelmed. However, I absolutely LOVED this film.

The manual photography cheat sheet

On my radar: the tribal writing of Justine Musk

Currently reading Derek Siver’s new book (love this video and interview too)

I keep meaning to do this: turn your handwriting into a font

It’s been linked everywhere, but in case you missed it: Dear Photograph

Do nothing for two minutes

The awesome: Fembot vs Jamie Summers

Celebs with Polaroid cameras: Andy Warhol…. and Johnny Depp.

And finally, this photo and story made my entire week.

Enjoy! xo

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  1. Jenn Pipe

    I got the book “Art Saves” this week — popped it onto my iPad for some creative inspiration. Had no idea you were in it and was pleasantly surprised to see your submission. XO

  2. DawnS


  3. katrina

    i read the derek siver’s book last night. loved it. there were so many things he said so well. and i was particularly moved by what he said about when you’re onto something great, about how it doesn’t feel like a revolution. rather it feels like uncommon sense.

    aaaahhh — thought it looks clunky and ridiculous, i do want that slr mount for my iphone.

  4. Nina

    I thought Black Swan was worse than underwhelming. So many ballet cliches and stereotypes. I’d watched that on the plane out and then saw The Adjustment Bureau on the way home. It’s not going on my favourites list but it was very watchable!

  5. Nina

    Just had to come back to say *thanks* for that last link.

  6. susannah

    It’s magical, isn’t it :-)

  7. Paty

    Dear Susannah, I’m getting totally addicted to “Something for the weekend”. It’s awesome. Thank you very much for sharing. “Dear Photograph” is just perfect.
    Have a great weekend.
    A big hug from Mexico!

  8. kristen

    haha, duran duran = my safety word is kim wilde.
    i’ve added the do nothing thing to my computer and damn, if its not a lesson every time. xo

  9. kristen

    ps. love the first pola. a lot. xo

  10. Roxanne

    Goodness, thanx for these … esp the last one ~ it is indeed magical and made my day!!

  11. missing moments

    Thanks for this fun stuff!

  12. Jo

    That last one? Yeah, that’s why I kind of love my day job.

  13. Emmy van Swaaij

    Hi Susannah,
    Thank you so much for sharing so many beautiful things. I was up at night, couldn’t sleep and the links you shared improved my mood. Especially love that last photograph with the wale. What I love about your website is that it always leaves me feeling better….never drained….thank you!

  14. Alexis

    I always look forward to a visual and poetic treat from you. When you are silent, I hope you are editing and drinking coffee. Your world fascinates me.

  15. Olga

    I love the “Myths about Introverts”! Especially #9 and #10. I am an introvert and have studied personality theory in school, but I never knew about the dopamine sensitivity, so I’m fascinated! And #10 – yes indeed – I used to feel flawed for being introverted, especially as a child, but have learned to value that aspect of myself; now that one of my children is an introvert, I am able to help him learn how to recognize when he needs alone time, how to recharge, and that it’s NOT a flaw, just who he is.

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