Something for the weekend

Polaroids and journals
This week has been all about the editing, hence the lack of posts. However I’ve still had time to find cool stuff on the internet because my head would’ve expoded otherwise with all the intense concentration. I’m nearly finished with the edits, and there’s a big ole post brewing about what I’ve learned. In the meantime…

DJ kittens!! (and this!)

15 things worth knowing about coffee (thank you Angie)

A beautful EP from singer-songwriter Rebecca Cant

Want to make this: coffee & lavender body scrub

The silent alarm clock

What Google’s cafeteria can teach us about health (how cool is this?)

Speaking of Google, I’ve joined Google+ and am loving it. So fresh and new! So spacious! I can’t wait to have more time to explore the possibilies — I’ve been having far too much fun playing with my circles :) Great posts here, here and here.

Ten mindful ways to use social media

On my radar: Jonathan Fields and his new book, Uncertainty

The care and feeding of a writer (thank you Tara, I needed this)

I am loving my new T-shirt from Raygun

So excited to start learning from Pixie in her new class!

How beautiful is this alphabet plate?

The best 404 page ever (very tempted to make something similiar)

I just can’t get enough of this right now.

Etsy stores I adore: one, two, three (and I’ve been wearing this perfume oil all week)

Moleskine tips, tricks and hacks

Rock n roll (still) belongs to the people

OMG. Banana cake with Nutella frosting

And finally, the biggest crocodile I’ve ever seen!

Enjoy! xo

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  1. kristen

    ok, post after my own heart…i’m excited for pixie’s class too, (so need something like this), and i love those repurposed plates with the girl…but will refrain from any more retail therapy this week.

    and because i’m an enabler myself, you must check out these clutch bags:

    i’m here to tell you they are even better in person.


  2. Meg

    Congrats on cracking through the edits!
    Coffee maker wise you are a girl after my own heart. And so glad to see Moleskine is citing J. Herbin coloured inks as Moleskine friendly. I am a big fan of them and can’t recommend them enough to other Moleskine fans!

  3. Nina

    Hm, I think much of that care and feeding piece applies to musicians too…

    In case you need another silly Youtube cat video to watch, this one made me and my boyfriend both laugh out loud (and I think I might be that bird):

    Looking forward to hearing about your editing. Have a good weekend!

  4. Dasi

    Great post, love the T-shirt.

  5. eliza

    just wrote a comment and i think it flew off into the ether…oh well. just wanted to say thank you. i am an english chick long living in africa (tanzania), and your posts – and images – often remind me of all that i love about england and still miss. i love all your links, tis a bit of a cultural void out here (er…forget ‘a bit’), and new music ‘discoveries’ and the like are greatly appreciated (love rebecca cant). good luck with finishing the book, what a wonderful labour of love!

  6. Chloe

    Oh my! Kittens, Banana and Nutella and Mr Photobird…what a combination…you have truly made this single gal’s weekend :) X

  7. Roxanne

    enjoy your weekend!

  8. keishua

    Loving the list. So many great things. Hope your weekend is going well.

  9. Nicole | Blue Bicicletta

    that 404 page is a crack-up! You find the most hilarious things on the internet!

  10. Emmy van Swaaij

    Hey Susannah,
    The silent alarmclock seems a perfect solution for deaf people as well. I study to become a signlanguage interpreter and even though there are alarmclocks that vibrate the pillows of deaf people to wake them up this one seems far more gentle. Something to keep in mind and tell the Dutch deaf community about…..
    thanks for sharing!

  11. pixie

    Such great links! I, too, am in love with corduroy and just last night sent a honey badger mug to my unsuspecting friend. Thank you, m’dear. The Patti Smith interview is…so perfect.

  12. EMC

    Hi Susannah,
    Oh no, you’ve given me another blog to follow. Loved that ‘Caring for Writers’ post. Esp the ‘not making it by your 30s bit’. Phew.
    Apparently there’s thoughts that that croc photo might be fake… the only reason I would think so, despite denials, is LOOK at how relaxed the people sitting JUST BESIDE HIM are!!! There is NO WAY if that yoke jumped out of the water beside me like that I would sit there unperturbed!

  13. EMC

    oh and also…alcyd (or however you spell that) – humina humina *drool*. I always tell my friends ‘we’ll never fight over men’ (because they have terrible taste) but you and I … I’m not so sure…

  14. Grace

    These links are great. Loved the 404 page, haha! And the article about how to “feed” yourself as a writer was just what I needed.

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