Something for the weekend

Noah's first Wagamama
Very excited that the August Break starts on Monday! There are no rules, remember, so join in whenever you like!

I’ve been spending far too much time playing with Keri Smith‘s awesome Wreck This App

I want to dive into this photo and examine each tiny glass vial individually

A church of art? When I’m next in NYC I’m heading to the Secret City

Mothers and midwives: let’s help Lisa get to Mexico to document women working together

I plan to buy one of these amazing coats for Noah

So awesome: candid portraits of passing motorists

Video: My Twitter boyfriend does it again: Fabeku on permission by osmosis (so inspiring!)

Life lessons with lucidity (also: my sister and I are still laughing about this)

On my life list: capturing the moonbows in Yosemite Park

I may have found a new iPhone cover

Podcast: loved Jamie’s interview with poet Susan Wooldridge

I bought a hoop last weekend, but now I want one from here (thank you Kiki)

Loved this interview with ‘digital dad’ Jonathan Fields

Jenny’s studio pinterest board makes me swoon

I suddenly feel the need to buy some wallpaper

Julien Smith’s posts are always provocative, and that’s why I like him

Paul Overton’s posts are often emotional, and that’s why I like him

Joel Penkman’s biscuits are tempting me so bad (see also: Nutella cookies!)

And finally, this is amazing: Tom Thum’s beatbox jazz

Enjoy! xo

5 responses
  1. Rhianne

    I needed to read Julien Smith’s post. I just started a little E-book for myself (nothing quite as grand as a real book or anything) and as I went to start it I stopped in complete terror, I almost couldn’t breathe I was so scared… I’ve done the cover and an introduction now and I’m still scared but I’m also excited too :)

    p.s. so excited about august break, my posts are all redy to go woo!

  2. sperlygirl

    you are such a gem, susannah. i so love the goodies you uncover for the weekends. a heartfelt thank you! :)

  3. Kelly Kautz

    That Jenny Vorwaller sure does get around! She and I traded altered books a few years back. I’ll have to connect with her on Pintrest too.

  4. jojo

    the portraits of passing motorists… i am so loving!!! happy weekend! cannot wait for your blogging guidebook!!

  5. Ashleyl

    love all these links!!

    and your nephew…. oh my. rivaling for the cutest little thing ever!

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