10 films that make my eyes happy

I wrote this list almost immediately after I wrote yesterday’s post. These are the films I often have playing in the background with the sound muted while I work. They are like moving wallpaper, visual treats that give me little jolts of inspiration when my eyes start to glaze over looking at the laptop screen.

1. Hideous Kinky
2. The Darjeeling Limited
3. Bladerunner
4. The Virgin Suicides
5. Fur
6. Amelie
7. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
8. Perfume
9. Lost in Translation
10. Fight Club

And you?

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  1. Astrid

    I recently saw “I am love” which was a visual feast, and generally a really good movie. “Crouching tiger, hidden dragon” and a similar movie, another Japanese one I don’t remember the name of, are also very beautiful.

  2. Roxanne

    Ohhh I so love these posts about movies. I was watching Atonement last night and realized so much of it was filmed in soft, warm light. The soundtrack is beautiful as well.

  3. Lisa Haun

    Blade Runner and Amelie for me, too. Add Local Hero (which is so beautiful it makes me want to move to a tiny village in Scotland) and Manhattan. When I lived in New York, I wanted everything to look as though it was shot in black & white by Gordon Willis.

  4. Nanette Gordon-Cramton

    I am going to add these to my list! Thank you! And, I adore this image, gorgeous color and textures!

  5. Isa

    I love this image, and I love these movies!

    Also: Little Miss Sunshine and Hero. And Hellboy (I know, I know.. but I watch it just for the visuals.)

  6. Danielle

    Anything by Wes Anderson & Chris Nolan, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Vanilla Sky, Edward Scissorhands, Amelie, Frida & almost everything else you listed. We have similar taste in movies.

  7. Alicia

    Love your list. Amelie is my all time favorite movie. It really is like you say, “moving wallpaper”–very cool way to describe it!

  8. Liberty Montano

    Hero, Road to Perdition, Inception, Dreams, Joan Hickson’s At Bartram’s Hotel. =D

  9. abby

    fight club is an awesome movie! i definitely have watched it tons of times. I actually have movies playing on my laptop at work too.. i use headphones so i can listen to it quietly :)

  10. Nina

    Crouching Tiger… obviously. What about The Last Emperor? Motorcycle Diaries? The NYCB one I suggested on your last post? Also, judging by your list, you might really like The Science Of Sleep.

  11. Beth Fuller

    Waking Ned Devine (oh Ireland)
    Marie Antionette
    Coraline (best animated ever-big ole’ house, spooky tale)
    All The Real Girls (because I love little towns)
    In Bruges (beautiful Bruges and Colin Ferrell-just look past the violence)

  12. Melissa Jaine

    How funny! I’ve never considered putting a movie on and not actually sitting and watching (and listening :) to it. So I realise I have nothing for this list! But now I have something (extra) to think about today. xx
    Oh – there is Baraka, but that is just images with music anyway :)

  13. natalea

    oh definitely Hideous Kinky!…hmm…Raise the Red Lantern, The Duchess, Vanity Fair, anything with great landscapes really…xo

  14. Tracey

    Spirited Away and Chocolat are both so beautiful to have in the background.

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