Author’s copies (and a giveaway!)

When you write a book for a publisher it’s written into your contract that you will receive a certain number of author’s copies of your book — usually about 10 (if you want more you can buy them at a discounted price). Today my very first box of author’s copies arrived — our Pretty Polaroid Notecards are already in shops and available online, and this morning a box of 10 packs were delivered by the UPS man. The thing about writing a book is it takes soooooo looooong for the finished paper-and-stitching book to be in your hands — it’s like waiting for Christmas when you’re six-years-old. But even though these sweet little cards aren’t the finished book, they sure are lovely to receive :) Jen, Amanda and I put a lot of sweat and love into our Polaroid projects, and it’s so wonderful to start seeing the results.

Pretty Polaroid Notes
So, i have one pack for my mum, one for my sister, one that i’m going to keep in a special box for Noah to have when he’s older (he’ll be getting copies of all my books too!)…. and I have two packs to send to two of YOU!

If you’d like to win one of the two packs — i’m happy to send them anywhere in the world — simply leave a comment on this post sharing three things you like about yourself (i’m serious — you have to do this!). I’ll draw/announce the two winners on Friday xo

Okay, I’ll go first:

1. I like how I see the world through my camera.
2. I like how I’m able to make people laugh and put them at ease.
3. I like that I’m not afraid to dig deeper into the heavy questions…. I like that I’m so thoughtful.

Now it’s your turn…

240 responses
  1. Anna

    1. I like that I like people.
    2. I like that I love easily.
    3. I like that I haven’t really grown up.

  2. Ramona

    I like:
    that I felt confident enough to say a new procedure is ridiculous at my work place
    I am liking my long hair at the moment
    I like the fact that I have been able to sit still in the mornings this past month.

  3. Christine (spiral bound)

    Ooooh, they look lovely. So nice of you to force us to think kind thoughts about ourselves too : )
    1. I really enjoy my own cooking
    2. I like that I surround myself with magic and beauty, even when (especially if) I don’t feel that way myself
    3. I like that I’m a daydreamer from wayback

  4. Stacy

    Yay for you friend!! Awesomeness!

    3 things you say….
    1.) I like that I’ve build a pretty decent professional reputation for myself. I do what I say I will do.
    2.) I like that I can sew from my own vision. I don’t often use a pattern (unless it’s clothes!).
    3.) I like that I’m a good friend.

  5. sushi lover

    what a wonderful gift! thank you susannah :)
    about me:

    1. i like my wanderlust.
    2. i like how i can get enthusiastic with just about anything.
    3. i like my creativity and endless ideas.


  6. rachelballard

    I like that I can speak a few languages.
    I like that I have dark brown hair and blue eyes.
    I like that my kids say “I love you mommy” about a hundred times a say.

  7. Kate

    Just three things? ;)
    1. I like my eyes. How they see the world. How they really look at a person. How they change colour depending on my mood.
    2. I like my willingness to try different things. Because of it, I am actually able to do a great many different things tolerably.
    3. I like my capacity for generosity. Good things truly do come back to you many times over.

  8. Lisa

    I love the entry idea!

    I like that I appreciate the small things. I don’t take anything for granted anymore.
    I like my own company.
    I like (at last!) my appearance.

  9. suzanne kalkman

    I’ve come to love that
    1. I trust in my own intuition
    2. I make people feel comfortable around me so that talking just comes naturally
    3. I am finally able to follow my dream of becoming a counsellor/coach.
    And I love your blog!! x

  10. Rosie Grey

    Oh, how wonderful of you, Susannah, thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity. And also it’s really a tough one for me I came up with these three:
    I like my hands.
    I like that I can really listen.
    I like that I’m compassionate.

  11. Susan

    These are lovely, Susannah.


    1. I like that I can carry on no matter what. Tho’ it is exhausting.

    2. I am funny & can set others at ease.

    3. I like that people feel they can come to me & know I won’t judge & give a lecture. OK, I might judge a little but not for long & I do not give lectures. I do help to try & solve the problem.


  12. Grazia

    1. I like my eyes, they are so expressive! Sometimes I don’t need to talk.
    2. I like my creativity, I have always two or three ideas in my head!
    3. I like me, because I’m like everybody else. Otherwise I would be alone!

  13. Lynn

    1. My laugh – It’s loud and contagious
    2. My hair – It’s thick and slightly wavy and makes peole jealous sometimes
    3. My spirit – I always look forward and try to be thankful for everything that I DO have

  14. Jadyn

    This is all so very exciting! Opening the box must have felt like Christmas.

    What I like about myself ~
    I like it that I’m introspective and take time to mull things over.
    I like it that I love God, not in a religious way, but because I experience a living, breathing relationship
    I like it that I truly want what’s best for others

  15. Amisha

    Congrats Susannah! It must be so exciting to see your words in your very own beautiful book!

    Wow, this is one of the hardest giveaways but since I love your photography and admit that I want to win of those packs – I am doing this :-). It is so hard to say nice things about myself cause it feels like bragging!

    1. I like myself cause I have a sense of humor.
    2. I like myself cause I have been through circumstances where I could have given up my sense of humor forever, but didn’t.
    3. I like myself because I am creative.

  16. Anna

    So very excited for you! The cards are indeed pretty and I can’t wait to see the actual book.

    I like that in tough situations, I can step back and focus on what’s really important, and to me that’s usually relationships and love.

    I like that I am working hard to love myself with all my imperfections and let others see me in the same way.

    I like that I am really handy around the house and embracing more and more that I get this from my dad.

  17. dorothy

    i like:
    1. how i am nurturing my family
    2. that i started finally some walking almost everyday
    3. my creativity

    much love, d.

  18. Nathalie

    1) I like how I’ve gained courage from doing scary things.
    2) I like how I can create
    3) I like how I have a unique spark nobody else has

  19. Lindsey

    1-I like my natural hair color after years of thinking i hated it and covering it up.
    2-I think i am a caring person.
    3-I like that I am crafty.

  20. Melissa

    1. I like my youthfulness and open free spirited approach to life.
    2. I like my compassion towards animals and that I have been a vegan for 4 years.
    3. I like my yoga practice and being a yogi.

    p.s you should do a giveaway! People will do reviews and post them.

  21. Tanja

    I love this giveaway :)

    1. I like that I finally got started on posting more regularly on my blog.
    2. I like that I am not afraid to make great changes in my life
    3. I like that I have a very good memory and am nostalgic of many things

  22. Trina

    1. I like that my life, although not perfect, works for me and supports my art daily.

    2. I like that I see the world in my own unique way.

    3. I like that I am an individual :)

    Love your blog and that you shoot Polaroid. Mine don’t get used daily but I do try to dust them off occasionally.

  23. Galia Alena

    Oh beautiful, I had the last set and wasn’t very good at giving them out (easier to keep on display)- best you all buy two sets!!

    1. I like that I’m brave enough to follow my dreams when I know what they are.
    2. I like that I don’t need permission to be able to do something and that I can create my own rules.
    3. I like that I am fiercely loyal & have fabulous friends even if scattered about the globe.


  24. Louise, Raspberries In Winter

    Great idea! These are so cute. I’m going to one-up it and say three things I LOVE about myself so here goes…
    1. I love the colour of my eyes (they’re bright blue).
    2. I love that I can play piano.
    3. I love that I’ve found a career I really love doing.

  25. Gayle L.

    What a great giveaway and idea :-)

    1. I am the most extroverted introvert I know.

    2. Mostly I smolder, but sometimes I ignite and when I do… watch out ;-)

    3. I am love, loving, and lovable.

  26. Barb

    Hi Susannah!
    Thanks for offering this great giveaway. I can’t wait to buy your book.

    1. I like that I don’t look my age.
    2. I like that I am starting to feel creative again
    3. I like that I finally have a space to be creative in.

  27. Vicki

    1.) I love that I look people in the eye when I talk to them

    2.) I love that I am the finder of lost things (just ask my kids and S.O)

    3.) I love that I am much stronger than I think I am

  28. Natalia

    Those photocards are fabulous!

    Thanks for this exercise. Most of us could easily make a long list about the qualities we love in other people, but when it comes to ourselves…

    Here are mine:
    1 // I like my unrelenting and optimistic determination to understand myself and the world.
    2 // I like that I’m curious about everything.
    3 // I like that my positive energy is contagious.

  29. art and lemons

    Congrats! What an accomplishment and I look forward to seeing the book as well!

    Okay. Three things:

    1. I like that I’m courageous
    2. I like the fact that words and images matter to me
    3. I like that I want to make a difference in the world
    3. I like

  30. Stephanie

    I like that 1) i am sincere 2) love animals and 3) that I’m open-minded

  31. mo

    1. i like that i remain optimistic even when i seem to be surrounded by doom and gloom
    2. i like that i experience such a rush of unmitigated joy when i discover all the colors available in pens, pencils, crayons, inks … and new ones all the time!
    3. i like that i have such a close relationship with my far-away brother in Ireland (i’m in the US)

    4. i like that in my retirement i’ve rediscovered all my creative energy that had been collecting dust while i was working

  32. Mossy

    Wonderful giveaway but . . .
    Three things.
    1 – I like that I keep trying, and don’t let past experience influence me (too much) on this.
    2 – I like that I keep learning and that aging has its benefits.
    3 – I like that I’m learning, slowly, to be more patient and empathetic.

  33. Shandi

    I like that:

    1. I have an independent spirit and I don’t allow other people’s opinions control me.

    2. I’m perceptive and can often read between the lines.

    3. I like my nostalgia and my fondness of capturing moments for future enjoyment. It’s given me nice journals and albums even from my early teens.

  34. Helen

    The cards look GORGEOUS! You clever things…

    1. I like the way my hair curls into ringlets of its own accord.
    2. I like my creativity.
    3. I like the fact I look at least ten years younger than I actually am (I like this more and more the older I get!).

  35. MS

    You and your work inspire me.
    I like/love my:
    3. curious mind and the desire to always learn and grow.
    2. tenacity. No matter what life deals, I DO handle.
    1. life with all its challenges and blessings.

  36. Camila Faria

    They are beautiful! A box of pure happiness!

    1. I like that I make killer brownies.
    2. I like my ability to choose the most amazing friends.
    3. I like my smile.

  37. Adrienne

    I like:

    that I’m good at reading people.
    that I’m a great writer.
    that I’ve got amazing taste in clothes.

    Thanks Susannah!

  38. Katherine Moore

    I am so excited to have a chance here; your work is so inspiring and your blog is beautiful. So here goes…3 things I like about me:

    1) My rediscovery of my creative self and re-awakening of my passion for photography….and realizing I’m not half-bad at it.
    2) My ‘survivor’ spirit; I believe in my warrior self now that I have survived some horrible times and come through it all with eyes open.
    3) I have finally seen that I do need to take care of ME in order to make positive changes for myself and those in my life.

    Thank you! (crossing fingers)

  39. Katrin

    1. I like my toes.
    2. I like baking bread in a wood fired oven
    3. I like to find my own path

  40. Rebecca @ Unexplained X2

    These are too cute!
    1. I am a good Mom.
    2. I am a good teacher.
    3. I am happy and know how lucky I am to be happy.

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