Bath has a sweet tooth

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  1. Fiona Jones

    Love your photos…love your words…x

  2. Dawn

    holy crap, I may have died and gone to heaven! Love the creepy boy in the last image. Shows what too much sugar can do, I think.

  3. Rockyann

    Those old fashioned candy stores are great.

  4. Arabella

    Rhubarb and custard….sherbert lemons… *sigh* There are still things I miss! Love these photos and the little moment of sugar sweet home-notstalgia they gave. xo

  5. Cat {brideblu}

    Sweet shops are the best! I totally feel like a kid again when ever I walk through the doors :)

    Neato menu!

    ❤ Cat brideblu

  6. Alexis

    so tempting

  7. Amibeth

    That sky behind the shop sign is cool. I love old sweets stores.. the menu is so intriguing it makes me want to sit there for hours trying everything. The boy in the ice cream cone reminded me immediately of my little boy… can’t wait to show him that photo!

  8. Nicole

    Love all the photos! My sweet tooth like the rhubarb and custard! Yum! Rhubarb is my favorite. :)

  9. Karine Ardault

    I really need to go and visit bath when I am back in Europe… and its sweet shop of course!

  10. Debbie

    Rhubarb and custards, yum! The little boy in the last photo is seriously disturbing in a clown/freaky kind of way…

  11. Jill Kane

    Rhubarb and custards – how fantastic! I love rhubarb – it’s not used enough in the US as far as I’m concerned (‘tho I did just discover a cafe that serves rhubarb ketchup with fries – delish!). I so enjoyed how common rhubarb was in Ireland. Sigh – yet another sign in my belief that I was really meant to be born into a little European family, rather than a little US family. I adore my family to pieces, but sometimes, not my country. . .

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