Day six

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  1. Marcela

    What a beautiful plate!
    I saw these cookies today and they reminded me of you:

  2. susannah

    ohhh! they are so cute! :D

  3. Pat

    Those plums look great on that cute plate!

  4. Shanon

    Love the plate, love the plums. LOVE the shot. =)

  5. Amibeth

    Love this photograph! I can imagine picking up a plum and feeling the little droplets on my palm.

  6. Susan Bonaci

    What a gorgeous plate design. Do you know the origin of it?

  7. Mel

    You are without a doubt the plate Queen

  8. susannah

    Hi Susan! yes, it’s a vintage Figgio Lotte plate :)

  9. Catherine Just Seiner

    I saw this photo and said “oh my god! “. I just LOVE this. it conjures up romantic moments of a summer vacation in Spain for me.

  10. Adventures In Babywearing

    Oh that dish! Beautiful capture.


  11. amanda

    This makes me happy!

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